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Manifold Garden Will Release Physical Edition & Vinyl Soundtrack
The company is working with iam8bity to produce the album, just in time for the PS5 release of the game on May 20th The team will also be doing physical copies of the game for both the PS5 and Nintendo Switch, both of them being region-free releases, which are currently estimated to be released sometime[...]
Zavvi Has Released An Exclusive The Lion King Legacy SNES Cartridge
The game is totally compatible with US SNES and exclusive to the UK and EU, created by the folks at iam8bit You can buy one right now for £99.99 while supplies last, and it should be noted there's only 4,500 of them for sale. A look at the cartridge, the box, and the pamphlet for this[...]
Day Of The Devs Returns As Part Of Summer Game Fest 2021
Along with the festivities they will be bringing Day Of The Devs back into the fold as part of their presentation, co-produced by Double Fine Productions and iam8bit Starting today, any and all developers interested in participating in Day of the Devs: Summer Game Fest Edition can submit their games for consideration, as we have[...]
Iam8bit Will Be Releasing A Special Edition Of Etherborn
We're going to be getting a special edition of the gravity-bending puzzle game Etherborn on PS4 and Switch courtesy of iam8bit The company put both versions of this special edition up for pre-order back on Friday, as you will be able to get a physical copy of the game along with a special reversible cover[...]
Blaseball Will Be Getting A "Discipline" Vinyl Soundtrack
Blaseball will be getting a vinyl soundtrack released through iam8bit, specially made for the Discipline Era of the game Officially being called The Blaseball: Discipline, this album is a collaboration with The Game Band (the developers of the online satirical league) and an actual band being called "the garages"  who recorded a bunch of music[...]
Carto Is Getting Special Physical Editions By Humble Games & Iam8bit
Humble Games and iam8bit revealed details for the special physical editions of Carto, which will be coming out sometime in Q2 2021 This edition of the game will be available for the Nintendo Switch ($35) and PlayStation 4 ($30), exclusively on iam8bit's shop each edition will include the disc or cartridge version (whichever you buy),[...]
Skybound & Iam8bit Release Turtlemania! Giclée Print
This morning, iam8bit revealed that in collaboration with Nickelodeon, along with Skybound, they will be releasing this "Turtlemania!" print This is the fourth release in their Lean/Mean/Green: A TMNT Limited Edition Art Print Series, as they are presenting an intricately detailed 12"x36" archival-quality Giclée print by Aled Lewis[...]
Spinch Will Get A Physical Edition For Switch & Vinyl Soundtrack
Akupara Games has teamed up with iam8bit to produce a physical edition of Spinch for the Nintendo Switch with a vinyl soundtrack The game came out this past Fall and has done pretty well, which was aided by the quirky gameplay and loveable designs Now you can get a physical copy of the game for[...]
"Underground" By Jim Rugg
Celebrating their 15th anniversary, iam8bit has some great releases available including video game vinyl soundtracks, collector editions of games, and art print series.  The last one in that list is now focusing on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with their Limited Edition Art Print Series Lean/Mean/Green.  The first release, "Underground" by Jim Rugg, released early this[...]
Untitled Goose Game Lovely Edition & Physical Copies Released Today
In what seems like a weirdly massive collaboration between iam8bit, Panic, and House House, with distribution by Skybound Games, the little indie game that could is now on sale in retail What's more, the Lovely Edition is also out as it contained a few extra goodies beyond what the regular physical edition has Which includes[...]
Iam8bit Is Releasing A "Pac-Man" Anniversary Record Store Day Exclusive
This year for Record Store Day, iam8bit released a special Single for the 40th Anniversary of Pac-Man onto vinyl as a special exclusive The Single was supposed to be released back in April, but then CoVID-19 hit the general public, and RSD was postponed clear until today, August 29th Now that the album is out,[...]
Battletoads Is Getting An Legacy Edition & Vinyl Soundtrack
Retro gamers have a treat coming their way as the original Battletoads is getting a couple of awesome releases from iam8bit The original Tradewest title for the NES, now under the Rare umbrella, is getting a glorious return to cartridge form with an entry into the Legacy Cartridge Collection Much like games that have come[...]
Untitled Goose Game Is Getting A Box Set & Vinyl Soundtrack
This week, iam8bit along with both Panic Inc and House House announced Untitled Goose Game will be getting a box set and a vinyl soundtrack The game itself has been just a digital download this entire time, but now through these partnerships as well as some storefront help from Skybound Games, it will be getting[...]
"Psychonauts" Limited Physical Edition Released To Help GDC Relief Fund
Starting tomorrow, iam8bit and Limited Run Games will be selling a limited run of a physical edition of Double Fine's Psychonauts to help GDC attending studios The run will be limited to 1,000 copies for the PS4, with 10% of the proceeds going toward the GDC Relief Charity initiative This one will come with an all-new exclusive[...]
The ESA Responds To Iam8Bit Resigning From E3 2020
Last week we reported on how iam8bit resigned from E3 2020 as the creative directors of the event This week, the ESA has responded to that decision According to Video Games Chronicle, the organization provided a statement on the matter, showing that they are moving forward with the event despite the loss of their input. Credit:[...]