We Tried Outriders Worldslayer During Summer Game Fest Play Days

Square Enix let us try out the latest expansion to Outriders as we played through part of Worldslayer at Summer Game Fest Play Days. This expansion delves more into the planet Enoch and the people who were here long before you, The Pax. The demo had us playing as whatever class we wanted to choose in the game, as we explored a completely new area that (at least in our demo) was primarily snow. The story that we got to play had us encounter another relic from the ship as we decided it was a good idea to just dump everyone we brought from Earth down onto the planet, even after a mysterious force brought on horrible storms and changed some of our bodies into literal weapons. We won't spoil the storyline, but we found the relic to discover even more bad news than we head learned before, and now we have to deal with the consequences within this new region.

Square Enix To Release Outriders Worldslayer This June
Credit: Square Enix

A lot of the experience we had here was dealing with the new enemies, who of course, were all snow and ice-based creatures that could tear us limb from limb. For the most part, dealing with them was a piece of cake once we figured out how best to utilize our abilities. Such as slowing down time and picking specific enemies to take automatic damage before they even got close to us. The primary enemy, at least to us, was the terrain as it's easy to get turned around and run into even more foes by accident. We played a lot of our demo solo and didn't really have a chance to squad up, which made some of the exploration a little harder, but it was still fun to check things out and see how this world has become ravaged just by us being here. Outriders Worldslayers officially came out this week, as you can buy the DLC for $40 right now.

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