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What The Golf? Is Finally Headed To PlayStation Consoles

Those of you who hate golf but love golfing games will be happy to know that What The Golf? will be released on PlayStation soon.

Indie game developer and publisher Triband confirmed this week they will finally be releasing What The Golf? for both the PS4 and PS5. The game has already been an indie hit across multiple platforms already, from PC to mobile to Switch, but now you'll be able to experience this same ridiculous nature of golfing on the PlayStation. The PS version will feature the main game, as well as all currently released updates and improvements released to date. What's more, the game will be optimized for the platform, including coming with DualSense support so you can feel it when you golf all of the objects in the game. We got more below from he team as the game will arrive before year's end.

What The Golf? Is Finally Headed To PlayStation Consoles
Credit: Triband

"Sure, it has 'golf' in the title but that's about where the similarity to golf ends. What The Golf? is, at heart, a comedy game with puzzles, challenges, and loads of surprises. Okay, so there's a bit of what you might recognize as golf in there but loads more of what definitely isn't! Confused? Excellent! Try Sporty Sports!, It's Snowtime, A Hole New World, or one of the hundreds of other incomprehensible levels featuring toasters, hot dogs, office chairs, and a multitude of utterly random objects. Come back every day to play new courses and win a bunch of more or less useful prizes. Feeling inspired? Create your own silly level with our level editor and get it out there in the world. Grab your clubs (a string of sausages, frozen rubber glove, it doesn't matter which) and tee off into a hilarious anarchic world. Share your screen with a friend via Steam Remote Play Together and spread the crazy. To be honest, so do we. And that's the beauty of What The Golf? A game made for people who hate golf by people with no clues about or respect for the game. Let's play!"

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