Will There Be A Make-Up Day for Pokémon GO Fest Make-Up Day?

Yesterday was the Make-up Day for GO Fest 2020 in Pokémon GO, designed as an apology by Niantic to its players for server issues that happened during the initial event's gameplay. However, something happened during this three-hour event that has some players wondering if there will be a Make-up Day for the Make-up Day. Social media reports revealed that the locations that played the event first such as New Zealand, Australia, and others were missing a certain Shiny Pokémon. Niantic seemingly mistakenly forgot to turn on Shiny capabilities for the rare Pokémon Unown, leaving the players in these locations without the ability to catch it for the majority of the three-hour gameplay.

Will there be another GO Fest Make-up Day? Credit: Niantic
Will there be another GO Fest Make-up Day? Credit: Niantic

This Shiny Unown mishap likely happened as a result of Unown being Shiny locked after the Enigma Event. Unown, a Pokémon that spawns rarely in the wild and comes in the form of every letter in the alphabet as well as some symbols, has only had a Shiny release for seven letters: G and O for GO Fest 2020 and U, L, T, R, and A for Ultra Unlock: Enigma Week. Niantic turned the Shiny capability for Unown off after Enigma Week in order to keep Shiny Unown as an event only spawn, and this decision may have led to an error in switching it back on for early GO Fest Make-up Day players. Now, will this lead to a second Make-up Day?

Almost certainly not, at least not for the parts of the world that were unaffected. Australia and New Zealand may get another crack at it, but it's doubtful, as Niantic is likely eager to move on to future events rather than attempting to fix flaws from GO Fest 2020. The truth is, as an overall event, it was financially successful and the initial Make-up Day wasn't something that every company would have done. Server issues come with the territory, so the Make-up was a show of good faith for Niantic, but it would be hoping for quite a lot to expect another repeat due to the absence of just one spawn. Instead, it would be best to look forward to the future of events, which Niantic, surely not wanting a repeat of the server issues that caused this to begin with, will likely invest in with even more care and attention.

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