Wookiee Reinforcements for Star Wars: Legion Pack a Lot of Punch

Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Legion game is starting to ratchet up to its full potential, as evidenced by the recently released Wookiee Warriors unit expansion. These furry powerhouses are also unique in that they are the first figures for Legion that Fantasy Flight has released that did not feature in a Star Wars movie.

Within the Wookiee Warriors Unit Expansion, Rebel generals will find everything they need to add a group of Wookiees to their army as a special forces unit. Four unpainted, easily assembled miniatures show the Wookiees charging into the fray, brandishing their Ryyk Blades. In the same expansion, you'll find five unique upgrade cards to prepare the Wookiee Warriors for whatever they may face on the battlefield.


The four Wookiee Warriors included in the box are some of the best that Fantasy Flight has to offer for Legion; Each character is packed with detail, without being overwrought. A simple zenithal highlight followed up with a series of washes should be all that is needed to get a decent paint job on these figures. One of the figures has a decorative Kashyykian shield with flintlock style pistol, two others are armed with close combat blades, and the last has the traditional Wookiee bow-caster. Each figure has decorative armor pieces, so they have the look of some of the Wookiee troopers from Revenge of the Sith.

Courtesy of Fantasy Flight Games


A unit of three Wookiee Warriors can be fielded by Rebel armies for 75 points, with an additional Wookiee armed with a bowcaster can be purchased for 35 points. The Wookiees can be equipped with fragmentation grenades for an additional 5 points.

Wookiee Warriors come with the Charge skill, which grants a free melee attack action after a move action. Wookiees are also Expert Climbers, which allows them to not have to roll defense or suffer wounds while clambering. This unit is also Indomitable, which allows an upgraded dice pool when rallying, and Wookiees ignore the effects of difficult terrain with Unhindered.

Courtesy Fantasy Flight Games

Upgrade skills include: Hunter, allowing an additional aim token when attacking a wounded trooper unit; Recon Intel, which gains Scout 1 for the unit; and Tenacity, which adds a red attack die in melee if one of the Wookiees is wounded. Each of these skills has a unique points cost, so your base Wookiee Warrior squad can (and should) go up in cost.

Wookiees roll 2 black dice when attacking in melee, and roll 1 black and 1 white die in ranged combat. If you add a bowcaster to your unit you also gain Impact 1 and Pierce 1, which add a lot of hurt to armored units.


The Wookiee Warriors Unit Expansion has great sculpts and a unique arsenal of skills that will make them a welcome addition to any Rebel army. Hopefully, Fantasy Flight Games will be adding more unique units to Star Wars: Legion in the future, as this unit stands out in look and feel from previous Legion releases.

The Wookiee Warriors Unit Expansion is available now at your local game store!

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