"World Of Horror" Finally Comes To Early Access In February 2020

After what feels like the longest time, World Of Horror is finally getting a release of sorts from Ysbryd Games into Steam's Early Access. We've been checking this game out every six months for a couple of years at PAX events, as it reminds us of old '90s PC read-and-click adventures. Every time we've played it, it has been horrifyingly awesome. Now we're finally getting an early look at a somewhat completed version of the game as it will come to Early Access on February 20th. You can get a better look at the game below with the new announcement trailer.

"World Of Horror" Finally Comes To Early Access In February 2020
Credit: Ysbryd Games
World Of Horror follows the rural residents of a seaside Japanese town facing inhuman terrors in a world spiraling toward madness. Investigate the return of eldritch monsters and solve puzzles to collect arcane spell components. Struggle against malevolent legends of folklore like the Aka Manto and Kuchisake-onna, summoned by performing dark rites.
Fight to survive this nightmare roguelite reality with turn-based combat. Each of the five playable characters available in Early Access has their own stats and perspective on the horrors unfolding in their hometown. Defeat gruesome bosses, all illustrated and animated with disturbing images made in Microsoft Paint with a classic 1-bit graphic style.
Choose from among 10 mysteries with procedurally generated events in Early Access, investigating unleashed horrors as chance encounters wreak havoc on your stamina and sanity. Explore dark corners for clues and hidden helpful items to reach the best of many ghastly endings. Unlock new events from encounters and achievements along the way, starting the next run with a deeper pool of terrifying possibilities for World Of Horror to draw from.

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