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No Place For Bravery Will Officially Launch In Q4 2021
Glitch Factory and Ysbryd Games have confirmed today that No Place For Bravery will be released sometime near the end of the year We've been seeing bits and pieces of this game for about a year now with really no clear timeline of when it might drop Now we at least have a window to look forward[...]
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Panstasz and publisher Ysbryd Games revealed this week that they have added new content to World Of Horror The game is still technically in Early Access so any update is a new update of content to the game But this time around you're getting some specific content driven toward the holiday The game was given an update[...]
Ysbryd Games Reveals No Place For Bravery Demo During PAX Online
During PAX Online this past weekend, Ysbryd Games revealed that they will be releasing a demo for their upcoming game No Place For Bravery This game looks absolutely incredible with the kind of pixel art that developer Glitch Factory has going for it, as you play a blood-soaked soldier looking for redemption by trying to[...]
Ysbryd Games Announces No Place For Bravery For Q1 2021
The game is going to be released next year on Switch for PC and Nintendo Switch, but for now, enjoy reading about it and checking out the trailer. Credit: Ysbryd Games An old soldier dedicated to the advancement of his people, Thorn reassesses his priorities and prepares to lay down his sword, until discovering his long-lost daughter[...]
"World Of Horror" Finally Comes To Early Access In February 2020
After what feels like the longest time, World Of Horror is finally getting a release of sorts from Ysbryd Games into Steam's Early Access We've been checking this game out every six months for a couple of years at PAX events, as it reminds us of old '90s PC read-and-click adventures Every time we've played[...]
Checking Out "World Of Horror" & "N1RV Ann-A" At PAX West 2019
At PAX West 2019, we had a chance to go visit with Ysbryd Games for an hour and refresh ourselves with two games: World Of Horror and N1RV Ann-A Now normally we would give each one a proper self-contained article except for one catch: we've seen both these games already at the past two PAX[...]
Future Bartending with Ysbryd Games' N1RV Ann-A at PAX East 2019
The second game we tried out at the Ysbryd Games booth from PAX East this year was N1RV Ann-A, which may look a bit familiar to some If you may recall, there was a game released a few years ago called VA-11 HALL-A, which was a cyberpunk journey through the eyes of a bartender[...]
Revisiting World Of Horror From Ysbryd Games at PAX East 2019
This time around we figured out how to use the combat system to equip a bat and defend ourselves, which made things go by much smoother than before. credit//Ysbryd Games World Of Horror has you dealing with some truly gory and terrifying ideas that if you actually dealt with them in the real world, you would freak[...]
She Remembered Caterpillars Gets a Nintendo Switch Release Date
Ysbryd Games and Jumpsuit Entertainment have released a new trailer this week, announcing the release date for She Remembered Caterpillars. The hand-drawn abstract puzzler will be coming out on March 28th This thing looks like a trippy dream we probably had once at a party and later forgot, which is why we've become so intrigued with it[...]
Scared of the '90s: We Played World Of Horror at PAX West
Ysbryd Games brought a few games to PAX West this year, but the one game that absolutely captivated us at their booth was World Of Horror This game was a lovely little throwback to the text-and-explore games you used to see on PC and Mac devices in the '90s, and took my mind clear back[...]