World Of Warships Celebrates Its Sixth Anniversary

Wargaming announced details today for their upcoming sixth anniversary for World Of Warships and all the festivities on the way. The anniversary will be coming in the next patch update, which is just simply being called 0.10.8, and will feature Dutch Crusiers, Soviet Aircraft Crusiers, Convoy updates, an expanded Armory, bug fixes and upgrades, and the new tokens and gift containers that will be added to the game as part of the anniversary event. We have some of the notes about it below with a teaser trailer, but the full notes can be found here.

World Of Warships Celebrates Its Sixth Anniversary
Credit: Wargaming

To join the birthday celebrations, players can jump into the "6 Years of World of Warships" collection, and begin piecing together a giant 60-piece jigsaw puzzle, dedicated to the biggest events over the previous year. Pieces can be obtained from "6 years of World of Warships" special containers, which are available in the Armory in exchange for Festive Tokens. Players can also get containers by completing a special combat mission chain or with the new temporary Aircraft Bureaus Rivalry event. The reward for completing the collection will be a Supercontainer, 6x Gift containers, the "6 Years of World of Warships" festive flag and Festive Tokens can be exchanged in the Armory for themed permanent camouflages. On top of that, players can look forward to special festive bonuses that can be earned by simply playing any Tier V ship or higher. Depending on ship tier players can obtain Supercontainers, Gift containers and Festive Tokens.

Update 0.10.8 brings a brand new temporary battle type to World of Warships, based on real life events which have proven critical during 20th century conflicts — Convoy escort missions. Naval battles are often won or lost by defending or destroying cargo lanes, so players will be able to experience this conflict first hand. One team will need to escort a convoy of four bot ships that sail along a defined route, while the opposition team looks to prevent them from reaching their destination.

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