Xbox Game Studios Reveals More Details On "Gears Tactics"

Xbox Game Studios, along with The Coalition and Splash Damage, revealed more details this week about the Gears Of War spinoff title, Gears Tactics. The info came down on Xbox Wire, where the devs showed off more from a hands-on preview they did. But oddly, didn't include a video. This is a very basic look at how the game will play along with screenshots of it for your viewing pleasure. It looks like your standard tactical RPG title with the Gears look and feel splashed across it. So while it looks really awesome, its kind of hard to tell what we might be getting yet. The game is set to be released on Xbox One and PC on April 28th, 2020. For now, here's some added info from the piece.

Gears Tactics Group Art
Credit: Xbox Game Studios

Gears Tactics brings a unique twist to these actions. If you're playing defensively and go into overwatch with all your turns banked, you can take up to three shots at enemies who cross your sights on their turn. Conversely, executing a down-but-not-out enemy with a showy finisher inspires your teammates to take an extra action in the current turn. Gears Tactics is a game in which intelligent aggression swings momentum in your favor; a moment of inspiration can take you from being hopelessly pinned down to mopping up stragglers in a single turn.

Once your objective is achieved, your troops return to their convoy, a mobile base of operations where you can level up, open equipment cases you find on the battlefield, recruit and customize troops, and gear up for your next mission. I spent a lot of time in the convoy, sorting through mods for weapons, and deliberating on where to spend ability points on a (very extensive) skill tree unique to each class. You can even customize the appearance of all your troops and their gear, the better to help them pop on the battlefield.

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