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Gets A Gameplay Trailer
Xbox Game Studios showed off a brand new trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy The Game, giving us a taste of gameplay The company held a contest with thousands of entries coming in, suggesting what the game should be based on their ideas Two winners were picked and their ideas melded together into a[...]
We Recap The Xbox Games Showcase Extended 2021
We have some of our favorite highlights below, as you can read the full recap from Xbox Wire, and check out the complete stream below. Credit: Xbox Game Studios Playground Games Shares New Details on Forza Horizon 5 Creative Director Mike Brown shared how Forza Horizon 5 is a love letter to Mexico, filled with a vast, diverse, and ever-evolving world[...]
Xbox Game Studios Gives An Update On Age Of Empires IV
Xbox Game Studios, along with Relic Entertainment and World's Edge revealed more about Age Of Empires IV today The stream, which you can check out down at the bottom, gave players a much more in-depth look at what's on the way for the latest entry to the franchise They also revealed some fun news for[...]
Forza Horizon 4 Will Be Released On Steam On March 9th
Xbox Game Studios and Playground Games revealed this week that Forza Horizon 4 will be released on Steam on March 9th Working with development partner Sumo Digital, the game will be the complete version with all of the cars added to the game that you can drive and unlock Along with both of the expansions in[...]
Grounded Adds Flying Insects With The Latest Update
Xbox Game Studios and Obsidian Entertainment revealed details about the latest addition to the game as you'll now see bees hovering in the air along with some other creatures that happen to have wings and will sound very ominous hovering above you Funny enough, this was a major fan request to add these insects to[...]
Xbox Game Studios Gives An Update On Age Of Empires IV
Xbox Game Studios wanted to give you a quick reminder that they're still working on Age Of Empires IV three years later Every once in a while since the game was announced in the summer of 2017, we get a small glimmer of news about it, but nothing really significant As it appears that time[...]
Gears Tactics Gets A Release Date For All Xbox Consoles
This morning, Xbox Game Studios and The Coalition revealed the official release date for Gears Tactics on all Xbox consoles The game will be a launch title with the new consoles as it will come out on November 10th, and will be optimized for both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S to feature[...]
We Review Tell Me Why On The Xbox One
The sticking point is that it's a murder mystery that feels as though it should never have been a mystery in the first place – with a little communication, the crux of the "enigma" could very well have been solved. Credit: Xbox Game Studios Dontnod Entertainment has told its fair share of emotional stories, though never without[...]
Xbox Revealed The Next Fora Motorsport Is In Development
For now, enjoy the trailer. The next Forza Motorsport is in early development, courtesy of Xbox Game Studios. The new Forza Motorsport, currently in early development, is a reimagining of the series We are taking what has made Forza Motorsport great over the past 15 years and pairing it with new game concepts and new technologies[...]
Xbox Game Studios Have Announced State Of Decay 3
During the Xbox Games Showcase, the Xbox Game Studios team officially announced State Of Decay 3 is on the way for Xbox Series X Like a number of the trailers that were revealed during the showcase, we don't get a lot of context to what we're seeing Just the state of things as they are[...]
Auto Draft
Even though in recent years, ever since being acquired by the company currently known as Xbox Game Studios, they've produced other titles Caller's Bane, Cobalt, and Crown and Council to name a few But the primary focus from the company and almost everyone involved with it has been building on and maintaining the game that[...]