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Age Of Empires IV Announces Anniversary Edition
Xbox Game Studios revealed some news for Age Of Empires IV this week as they will be releasing a special Anniversary Edition and update The franchise will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary this month, and with it will come a special update for current owners and a special edition of the game for new owners[...]
Microsoft Flight Simulator Has Released World Update XI: Canada
Xbox Game Studios confirmed today that they have released Microsoft Flight Simulator's World Update XI: Canada The news came down on Xbox Wire as players will have a chance to experience the wonders of the Great White North in a number of different planes as you can tour various locations from above in one of[...]
Become Your Own Captain As Sea Of Thieves - Season 7 Is Out
and Xbox Game Studios released the latest season for Sea Of Thieves, as Season 7 will have you finally becoming a captain Aside from finally being able to claim yourself as captain instead of just figuring out who the leader is in the group (if you ever bothered), the game has also given the outposts[...]
Age Of Empires IV Dropped A New Trailer At Gamescom 2021
Xbox Game Studios revealed more info this week about the next two seasons' worth of content coming to their Age Of Empires IV this year Season Two is actually right around the corner as the team will be releasing all new content for the game on June 30th, but now we know they already have[...]
Redfall & Starfield Have Both Been Delayed Until 2023
Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda Game Studios revealed today they have pushed back both Redfall and Starfield until next year Both games have been in development at the studio for a hot minute, and if we're being completely honest here, we didn't expect to see much of either game until at least the Fall considering[...]
Sea Of Thieves Reveals 2022 Plans With Special Preview Video
Rare and Xbox Game Studios launched a special 20-minute video today going over the plans for Sea Of Thieves over the next year We have the full video for you to check out down at the bottom, but some of the major highlights include creating more adventures for you and your crew to go on[...]
Microsoft Announces Acquisition Of Activision Blizzard
Which means titles such as Call of Duty, Candy Crush, Warcraft, Diablo, Overwatch, StarCraft, and Hearthstone, will all soon fall under the banner of Xbox Game Studios with AB (and all their development studios) acting more as a primary developer, much at the company did with Bethesda Softworks With all of those titles headed to Game[...]
Sea Of Thieves Is Giving Away A New Celebratory Emote
Rare and Xbox Game Studios have released a new specialized emote into Sea Of Thieves as the team is celebrating a special milestone The game has officially sold over five million copies on Steam, which is a hell of a milestone for any game whether you're AAA or super indie As a token of their[...]
The ID@Xbox Winter Game Fest Demo Event Starts Today
We have a rundown of the primary five games you'll be able to try out, along with a list of other games you can experience during this time, as this is officially live this morning. Promo art for the ID@Xbox Winter Game Fest Demo Event, courtesy of Xbox Game Studios. Loot River: Set in a series of procedurally[...]
Xbox Series S Tops Black Friday Sales For Game Consoles
The biggest factor, by far, going for the console is that it was the cheapest of the bunch that did the most, as it comes in at only $300 and can do practically everything the Series X can, with the exception of using a disc reader as the Series S is an all-digital console. A look[...]