Xbox Properly Reveals Xbox Series S After Multiple Leaks

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and show people what you got, as Xbox decided to do with the Xbox Series S. Throughout the day yesterday, multiple sources leaked an image of the next Xbox console to be released this holiday season, as fans got a look at the Xbox Series S. At first, Microsoft and Xbox were being coy about it, but then decided to hell with waiting and just dumped the official reveal on Twitter themselves overnight with the image you see below. The company also confirmed the rumored price for the unit as this will sell for $299 retail when it is released sometime in November 2020.

A look at the Xbox Series S from Microsoft, courtesy of Xbox.
A look at the Xbox Series S from Microsoft, courtesy of Xbox.

As far as the details of the console go, another leaker posted this trailer on Twitter, revealing what the official promo for the console would have looked like along with info on what's inside. According to the promo video, the console is set to perform the same as the Xbox Series X, while being the smallest Xbox ever created by the company. It will come with a custom NVME SSD to provide an all-digital experience, as the S-models for the Xbox don't use discs at all. They boast it will handle 1440p at up to 120fps, contains DirectX Raytracing, with variable rate shading and refresh rates, be able to play a lot of the titles on Xbox Game Pass, and handle everything coming for its bigger brother console. Not to mention coming with a 512GB drive, and be able to handle 4K streaming media and games.

While it all sounds impressive, the reality is that we have yet to see the console in action. Which, by the sound of the tweet from Xbox, could be happening sooner than we expect now that the leaks forced them to reveal it early. Now we just have to wait and see what's on the horizon this month as we're guessing more will be revealed during PAX Online.

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