Ziggurat Interactive Retro First Friday Launches Two FPS Titles

Ziggurat Interactive revealed two new retro games they have released for Retro First Friday as we're going back to PC in 1994. The two games you'll be seeing are Operation Body Count and Corridor 7: Alien Invasion, two first-person shooters by Capstone Software from the glory days of FPS titles, each with their own unique story and spin on the genre. Whether you decide to take out terrorists planning evil plots or aliens looking to take over our world, or both, that's your call. Both games are currently on sale on Steam for the next few days at 33% off. We have a couple trailers for you below for you to enjoy along with more info on each game.

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Credit: Ziggurat Interactive

In Operation Body Count, terrorists under the leadership of the sinister Victor Baloch have seized the United Nations building, holding our world leaders hostage! As the leader of an Elite Forces team, your mission is to infiltrate through the sewers and battle your way through 40 terrorist-packed floors to the penthouse. Your arsenal includes submachine guns, assault rifles, flamethrowers, and grenade launchers, all with the ability to damage the environment around you! Set the walls ablaze with the flamethrower to create choke points or blast your way through a wall using the grenade launcher. As the leader of the team, command your squad-mates by switching which team member you control.

If battling alien invaders is more your style, then look no further than Corridor 7: Alien Invasion! Scientists at the distant Delta Base research facility have inadvertently opened a portal to another dimension, and the aliens that came through the gate have murdered the entire Delta Base science team. You, as a solo Special Forces operative, have received orders to get into Corridor 7 and clean house — fighting your way through 30 floors to shut down the gate's power source.

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