4 Reasons Marvel Needs to Make a "Young Avengers" Movie

There's no doubt that Marvel has elevated superhero films into a genre of their own, with several becoming the most profitable movies of all time. After the success of the Avengers franchise, Marvel vowed to pace themselves with team-up feature films and instead focus more on individual stories of fan favorites as well as new faces entering the expansive MCU. So despite our odds of another Avengers film for a while, there's still room for a loophole with the lesser-known Young Avengers.

As Disney+ gears up for a release with multiple series based on characters from the MCU, it only seems logical to wonder where Marvel will take on in future phases of their universe. One film that truly deserves to be made is none other than the ambitious Young Avengers team. For those who are unfamiliar with the Young Avengers, it's comprised of a group that includes the protege' of Hawkeye, the reincarnated son of Scarlet Witch and Vision known as Wiccan, a Kree-Skrull hybrid and heart of the team labeled Hulking, plus several other youthful heroes with connections to major players in the Marvel universe.

4 Reasons Marvel Needs to Make a "Young Avengers" Movie

Multiverse and More

Obviously there are slight roadblocks along the way when it comes to members related to other characters, but in Marvel, there's nothing that's impossible. With other deviations of the multiverse (looking at you Spider-Man) and the occasional method of leaping forward years into the future, there are a few avenues that could open the door for the Young Avengers to enter the fray. Kate Bishop has already been rumored to become a character in upcoming Disney+ originals and Cassie Lange already exists, so slowly but surely the pieces are coming together to build the team of young heroes within the juggernaut MCU.

The current turmoil of the MCU

What makes this a particularity crucial opportunity is the current state of the Marvel universe as a whole. After Avengers: Endgame, there was a hopeful but semi-grim shift in the tone as we have began to lose heroes along the way. Young Avengers could act as that sliver of hope for a new generation that can essentially showcase heroism that's less likely to be as jaded for the time being. Their timeless story is all too familiar, having problems that teenagers and young adults experience while still trying to balance a personal life, family, friends, and self-discovery. A lighthearted team such as the Young Avengers could ease some of the growing tension and help refocus on what audiences loved about Avengers to begin with.

Inclusivity Is Key

Each Young Avengers comic that has been created has thrived in that setting and in doing so has molded each member into a hero that has so much more to offer as a team than individually. If that isn't enough, the title also happens to be one of the most LGBTQ inclusive titles that comics have seen. Young Avengers actually involves key players as opposed to the trope of background characters, typically depicted as if they're added to fulfill a quota. Their sexuality and characteristics given manage to avoid stereotypes as well, creating an opportunity to tell stories from a perspective that isn't usually as mainstream for the genre.

New Beginnings

The Avengers films began with that burst of excitement as a newly formed team, but the direction has certainly shifted due to the dire consequences of their job as heroes. If the Young Avengers can be formed out of the wreckage of their losses, it could be enough to motivate other young aspiring heroes, reinvigorate current ones and deliver one remarkable team in a film that deserves it's time to shine. Sure, easter eggs like small cameos are exciting, but don't we deserve a film that spotlights a different team with so much more complexity and potential that currently remains untapped?

What are your thoughts on seeing a Young Avengers film as opposed to a series? Let us know in the comments below!

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