A New Need For Speed Game Is Probably Set For This Christmas


Need for Speed had a bit of a rest last year, breaking the yearly release schedule it was on beforehand. That's probably for the best. I like Need for Speed plenty and even I was getting a little tired of seeing it every year.

Having had that year off though, I'm all for jumping back into the arcade-y racer, which is a good thing as the the series is going to be returning. Polygon noted that as part of EA's financial report, it was revealed that the new game would be back within the next 11 months. I'd bet my house on an October/November release.

As I said, I enjoy Need for Speed and it's joy ride sensibilities. It's good to see it back. I wish more yearly franchises took breaks. It's good for interest and business. Come on and give Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed a break guys. They are tired.