Actress Jing Tian Has Joined Pacific Rim 2

tumblr_ni9qiffwg01snerhxo2_1280Pacific Rim 2 is set to go into production this Novemeber, meaning the long shakey sequel is in fact finally going forward.

While it doesn't look like any of the first film's original players are coming back, it is really putting together an impressive looking roster headed up by John Boyega. It just got a new addition too with Chinese star Jing Tian hopping aboard. While probably not a mainstay for you yet, the actress is appearing in The Great Wall alongside Matt Damon, and will be in Kong: Skull Island too.

As a real lover of the first one, it is incredibly exciting to see this finally coming together ready for filming, especially with the shakey nature of the first film being a question. Full steam ahead!