#Alive: Another Korean Zombie Movie Coming to Netflix

Good news, zombie lovers! South Korea loves zombie movies too! #Alive is yet another zombie movie with a twist that's going to premiere on Netflix worldwide on September 8th. Netflix' Asian YouTube channel ran a teaser of the movie.

#Alive: Another Korean Zombie Movie Coming to Netflix
Yoo Ah-In in "#Alive" from Netflix

The movie follows a gamer played by Yoo Ah-In who sees the zombie apocalypse erupt from the safety of his apartment. From that point, he stays in lockdown, because no place is safe outside with the undead set to jump on anyone alive to chomp on their juicy, fleshy bodies. Our hero gets increasingly desperate when he starts running out of food and water. Does he risk going outside to find food and water or stay in until he starves? To go outside is to risk getting attacked and infected. And what about the loneliness and despair of being stuck inside indefinitely? Does all this sound familiar, a little "too soon" to you? Maybe you might get some catharsis out of this movie.

#Alive actually opened in theatres in South Korea on June 24th, a few weeks before Peninsula, the sequel to Train to Busan, opened. You could say it's been the Summer of Zombies for South Korean movies. It was made on a lower budget than Peninsula, but it doesn't look cheap. It's a proper movie with a proper budget with pretty big scenes of mayhem and destruction. In August, Netflix bought the international rights to #Alive where it will now be the movie's permanent home.

It's odd that Netflix has not bothered to run the trailer or promote it outside of Asia. Do their algorithms tell them that only Asians care about Asian movies? There is so much Asian content on Netflix now that it is impossible to watch it all in one lifetime. There is probably more South Korean content than from any other non-US country on the streamer. Sometimes I wonder if the Korean content might even outnumber the US content.

#Alive will premiere on Netflix on September 8th.

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