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Britt's Film Corner: 10 Female-Directed Horror Films Worth Watching
When you're a fan of horror movies, truly any night can be a perfect night to watch the genre But not every time will it be easy to find one you haven't seen yet or at least one that you'd watch multiple times I've often found myself forgetting how the reach of female-directed horror films[...]
Eli Roth's Discusses History Of Horror's Second Season [INTERVIEW]
I believe you tend to fall in love with the era you grew up with because that's when horror movies are most effective Everyone has that memory of being at a sleepover and someone putting on the movie you're not supposed to watch and having it ruin your life for months I miss those days[...]
Host: Shudder Sets Friday Live Watch with Director and Cast
It is also the best horror movie out right now, and that's saying a lot in a crowded field of direct-to-streaming low-budget horror movies currently available It's gotten justifiably rave reviews, a British horror movie shot in lockdown with a director, cast and crew all working from their own locations in isolation. "Host" poster, Shudder To keep[...]