Investigative Report: Ben Affleck Had Movie Career Before Batman Role

Ben Affleck is best known to moviegoers as the actor desperately trying to escape the role of Batman in the DC Cinematic Universe. But a shocking new report from website reveals that Affleck has actually been acting in movies for years, right under our noses!

In a an in-depth video expose posted to Twitter titled "Affleck Through The Years," revealed, "Before he was #Batman, Ben Affleck has some very different roles!" Though the grammar in the tweet appears to have been constructed by a Russian spambot, the tweet invites viewers to "check out how he's changed through the years," unraveling a decades-long conspiracy theory right before our eyes!

Yes, through the magic of creepy face-morphing slideshow technology, proves that the mysterious Affleck has been starring in films since as early as 1984, and he's continued to do so since then, with no one the wiser! As if these facts aren't mind-blowing enough, the entire investigative report is set to a powerful public domain hard rock track that would do the late, great Malcolm Young proud (RIP).

You may want to sit down for this, and check out the video below. It will ensure that you never look at Ben Affleck the same way again!

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