Colin Trevorrow and Benedict Cumberbatch Join Forces for War Magician

Now that the reputable director Colin Trevorrow is on the tail end of his contributions to the massive Jurassic World franchise, the creative mastermind is being tapped to tackle something very different than we're used to — considering his last few projects included ravenous dinosaurs rampaging.

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Trevorrow will next take on a film currently titled War Magician, toted as a Studiocanal WWII drama — and will star Dr. Strange himself, Benedict Cumberbatch. The film will feature a script penned by Nicholas Mariani (with earlier drafts of the script written by Richard Cordiner and Gary Whittaand) is based on the 1983 book of the same title, written by David Fisher.  The book centers on Jasper Maskelyne, a practicing British illusionist that uses his craft to take down Erwin Rommel during the war. Deadline notes that Trevorrow's adaptation of the book will include an international "magic gang" from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, who will join up with Cumberbatch's character to overthrow Nazi forces.

War Magician is said to be produced by Landscape Entertainment's Bob Cooper, Cumberbatch's own production company SunnyMarch with partners Leah Clarke and Adam Ackland, Lonetree's Tony Eldridge, and Knight Errant's Richard Saperstein. In addition to his role as director, Trevorrow and his own company Metronome Films will also be credited as producers in the upcoming mystically-charged wartime film. Both Studiocanal's Ron Halpern and Shana Eddy are said to be overseeing with Metronome's Annys Hamilton and Jeff Gernert.

When it comes to big-budget films with a taste for destruction, Trevorrow has established his name in the genre, so the addition of Cumberbatch (who is no stranger to the marvels of magic) could make for one collaboration; of epic proportions!

Are you excited about Trevorrow and Cumberbatch joining forces for the upcoming War Magician film? Sound off in the comments below!

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