Black Adam Has Found Its Cyclone With Quintessa Swindell

The cast of Black Adam has found their Cyclone with non-binary [they/them] actor Quintessa SwindellBlack Adam is one of those forever in development DC projects that, at least for a time, seemed to only stay on the docket because Dwyane Johnson was a massive star, and this was something of a passion project for him. Johnson has been cast in the role for years, and now it looks like it's finally going to get off of the ground. Johnson had a really awesome motion comic made for DC FanDome back in August, and the Justice Society of America, or at least the version that the movie is creating, has been filling out ever since.  Aldis Hodge was cast as Hawkman and Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher, with Sarah Shahi playing a supporting role. That leaves two members of the group that still need to be cast, and the production has brought on Swindell to play Maxine Hunkell, aka Cyclone, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Black Adam Has Found Its Cyclone With Quintessa Swindell

Black Adam was supposed to get off of the ground this year but is one of the many movies that got delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19. It's actually undated at this time but considering that DC, Warner Bros., and New Line are clearly still working on getting the movie off of the ground. With Swindell as Cyclone, we're just waiting on Doctor Fate to get cast and any other supporting roles. Jaume Collet-Serra is still set to direct, and despite having no release date, reports are saying that the plan is to start filming Black Adam in early 2021. If that's the case, we could very easily see an early to mid-2022 release date for this movie. We should also expect the remaining cast members to be revealed sooner rather than later. Swindell is a rising star with their roles in Trinkets on Netflix, Euphoria on HBO Max, and they are currently filming In Treatment. 

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