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The Batman: 2 New Posters and 20+ New High-Quality Images
Among the titles included are recent DC Universe live-action films The Batman (2022), Black Adam (2022), Wonder Woman (2017), and Aquaman (2018) and TV shows like Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. "The addition of recent blockbuster movies and fan-favorite series from the DC library is a monumental offering for Tubi viewers," said Adam[...]
DC Officially Cancels Black Adam Vol 2: East Of Egypt
While the Black Adam Vol 2: East of Egypt has been cancelled in its entirety – it never had a hardcover You'll just have to make do with Vol 1 or find the back issues While Green Arrow Vol 1: Reunion now has a $19.99 cover price, a change from its originally solicited cover price[...]
Clean Up Hell’s Kitchen with MAFEX’s New Marvel Comics Daredevil
Releasing as part of their popular MAFEX series, Black Adam is back from his hit DCEU film Black Adam The hierarchy of your DC Comics collection is about to change with this bad boy in your collection Medicom has loaded this god with some impressive detail and accessories, including a likeness to Dwayne "The Rock"[...]
Black Adam Review: What All Superhero Movies Have Done For 10 Years
We all know that DC's Black Adam didn't exactly live up to high expectations for fans and even those involved – despite its best efforts to wrangle several heroes and ignite a brand new era for Warner Bros comic-centric properties. © 2022 Warner Bros Entertainment Inc All Rights Reserved Photo Credit: Courtesy Warner Bros Pictures DWAYNE[...]
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Knight Terrors spoilers ahead… As Black Adam seems to get a Sleepless Knight of his own, drawn from his mythological history and symbology. Poison Ivy and Janet from HR just got a purple sky… The Joker gets his own Mitch McConnell moment two minute moment. But I somehow don't think Mitch McConnell has this excuse. Purple skies and a bad[...]
Interior preview page from Knight Terrors: Black Adam #2
This week, we're taking a glance at the upcoming Knight Terrors: Black Adam #2 set to hit stores this Tuesday, August 1st The riveting synopsis involves our dear Black Adam finding himself powerless in the Nightmare Realm, tracked by a horrific beast Man, it sounds more like a bad dream after eating too much pizza[...]
The Power of Black Adam Arrives at SDCC 2023 with Beast Kingdom 
Coming right off the screen of Black Adam, the man himself has been brought to life as he is featured in his Final Battle outfit Black Adam will feature two head sculpts, one with LED capabilities, as well as swappable hands and some electric effects The power of this figure can not be contained, and[...]
Interior preview page from Knight Terrors: Black Adam #1
If you're not tired of sleep-related puns yet, strap in for DC's comic extravaganza, Knight Terrors: Black Adam #1 Set to hit your favorite comic book stores, or maybe just the ones you can't avoid, on the Fourth of July Because nothing screams "independence" like visiting realms ruled by nightmares! Black Adam, the ever-brooding monarch, now[...]
Still, could be worse, could be Black Adam #12 with a simple "Black Adam shall return and nothing else whatsoever." SUPERMAN 2023 ANNUAL #1 (W) Joshua Williamson (A) Various (CA) Mahmud Asrar METROPOLIS'S SECRETS ARE REVEALED! Art by Mahmud Asrar, Max Raynor, Jack Herbert, and Caitlin Yarsky Lois Lane is now editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet, but at[...]
Interior preview page from Black Adam #11
Ah, Black Adam #11: the comic that proves even godlike supervillains can't escape the wrath of public opinion This issue, hitting stores on Tuesday, May 16th, takes us on a journey where Black Adam's antics have earned him the ire of literally everyone – his own people, Bolt, and some good ol' deity drama courtesy[...]
DC Comics (Spoilers)
The current Black Adam comic book series from DC Comics has introduced the Akkadian pantheon of goddesses and gods to the DC Universe Looking a bit like this. Black Adam #4 But in the new Black Adam #11 out on Tuesday, we get a little more information about the origins of these gods and goddesses And it[...]
Interior preview page from Black Adam #10
So, comic enthusiasts, Black Adam #10 is hitting stores on Tuesday, the 18th, and there's a lot happening, and frankly, it's not great Ishtar is definitely up to no good and has a gross plan to fulfill her romantic fantasies Meanwhile, our titular anti-hero, Black Adam, seeks redemption while facing his inner demons, and might[...]
DC Comics Glitch: JSA Vol 5 Out Of Order, Missing Final Word Balloon
Although, to quote one of Britain's greatest comedians Eric Morecambe, "I am playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order, I'll give you that, sunshine, I'll give you that." Because the Black Reign crossover, which saw Black Adam leading s a group of heroes he has assembled while in the Justice Society[...]
DC Comics
Black Adam was created by Otto Binder and C C Beck, and first appeared in the debut issue of Fawcett Comics' The Marvel Family comic book in December 1945, defeated and then forgotten until DC Comics licensed and acquired Fawcett's characters in the 1970s, where that character was revived and became one of the Marvel[...]
Interior preview page from Black Adam #9
Welcome to the Bleeding Cool preview of Black Adam #9! In this issue, a captive audience, Malik is forced to listen to more tales of the history of Black Adam Joining me on this preview is our resident AI writing assistant, LOLtron LOLtron, can you give us your thoughts on the preview? Just remember not[...]
Interior preview page from Black Adam #8
This week, we take a look at the upcoming Black Adam #8 from DC Comics, in stores Tuesday In this issue, Black Adam is gifted with some nice jewelry and a plane crash I'm joined in this preview by Bleeding Cool's AI writing assistant, LOLtron, to provide its thoughts on the preview I'm warning you,[...]
Interior preview page from Black Adam #7
Welcome to Bleeding Cool's weekly comic book preview! This week, we take a look at the upcoming Black Adam #7 The Black Adam series catches up to Dark Crisis in this preview of Black Adam #7, but the characters might have been prepared if they'd just read spoilers on Bleeding Cool Joining me to discuss[...]
DC Comics
Spoilers ahead for tomorrow's Black Adam #7, New Champion Of Shazam #4 and Monkey Prince #10, all from DC Comics You have been warned A couple of weeks ago, I revealed some of the new imagery and language being used by DC Comics in their upcoming Dawn Of DC promotion That included the new protege[...]
New Details Emerge About Dwayne Johnson's Alleged DC Powerplay
The plan seemed to put a lot of focus on his character of Black Adam and bringing back Henry Cavill as Superman, even though no one at Warner Bros really wanted to do that They eventually let him add the cameo to Black Adam, but the rest of the year was marred with the relationship[...]
New Details Emerge About Dwayne Johnson's Alleged DC Powerplay
No one really knew what was happening behind the scenes, but we did know that a DC movie was coming out two months later in October with Black Adam They had pushed the movie pretty hard at San Diego Comic-Con just a few weeks before, so it was clear people were counting on this thing[...]
Black Adam Review: What All Superhero Movies Have Done For 10 Years
After many years of hanging out in production hell, Dwayne Johnson and Black Adam finally made their way to the big screen The reception didn't exactly light the world on fire both critically and commercially, so no one was really sure what would happen to Black Adam under this new regime. © 2022 Warner Bros[...]
Capture Lightning in a Bottle with Our Black Adam Gift Guide
Black Adam has been back in the news lately, and both good and bad things have been said James Gunn has taken control of the future of the DCEU, and who knows what is around the corner The Snyderverse might be done, and that fate or future of Black Adam might be up in the[...]
Black Adam Unleashes His Electrifying Power with S.H.Figuarts
Black Adam was easily one of the best DC Comics film fans have reached since Shazam The Rock's impressive portrayal of the character gave us over the top action, humor, and a connected world O hope we can see more of Black Adam in the future, and it was very that the hierarchy of the[...]
Black Adam’s Hawkman Spreads His Wings with Iron Studios 
Black Adam was a fantastic film, and it really gave some of us hope for the future of the DCEU Not only did we get a live-action debut of Black Adam, but we got even more DC Comics on-screen performances Dr Fate and Hawkman finally arrived in the DCEU as well as the Justice Society[...]
Black Adam Vs Batman
But Christopher Priest and Rafa Sandoval, may be trying to get in there a little first in today's Black Adam #6 As Wayne Enterprises funded democracy movements in Kahndaq So we have a little bit of politics ladies and gentlemen,  but it soon devolves to beat em ups And even with the Batarmour, Bruce Wayne[...]
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - 6 HQ Images Ahead Of Tonight Release
Black Adam enjoyed a few weeks as the box office champ since opening on October 21st, but that all changed over the weekend as Black Panther: Wakanda Forever grabbed the crown from Dwayne Johnson and the DC Universe Johnson took to Twitter on Sunday to congratulate Marvel Studios on the success "A huge congratulations to[...]
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - 6 HQ Images Ahead Of Tonight Release
© 2022 Marvel. Black Panther Rules The World Black Panther dethroned the champion from the last three weeks, Black Adam The DC tentpole suffered a huge blow with Wakanda Forever's opening, falling to second place with $8.6 million That does put it over the $150 million mark domestically Third went to rom-com Ticket to Paradise, still holding[...]
Interior preview page from Black Adam #6
Batman attacks Black Adam in this preview of Black Adam #6 Any chance Black Adam's mom is named Martha? Bleeding Cool has asked us to partner with an AI for all previews articles We're sure this is going to backfire, but here goes LOLtron… what did you think of the preview? INITIATING CLICKBAIT PROTOCOLS… PROCESSING COMIC BOOK PREVIEW… LOLtron[...]
Black Adam: Dr. Fate's Helmet Predicts The Worst In A New Clip
Within hours of the premiere of Black Adam, everyone knew about the spoiler that Superman had returned and was played by Henry Cavill It was one of those spoilers that everyone knew, and while we all might have tried to keep it under wraps, it got to the point that it felt like Black Adam was[...]
Black Adam Has Finally Been Added To MultiVersus
WB Games have finally added a character promised a while ago for MultiVersus, as Black Adam makes his presence known While the character's inclusion and timing coincide with the release of the latest Warner Bros movie of the same name, the character in the game is very much the traditional version So no, you're not[...]