The Many Amazing Spider-Man 2 News Breaks Of San Diego Comic-Con

The_Amazing_Spider-Man_2_costumePatrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool

Here at Comic Con, there's Spider-Man in the air – literally. And about five hundred Spider-Men on the ground, one of them in a Stormtrooper helmet.

But it's not just cosplay. We've heard a lot about Spider-Man this weekend, both through the panel and also series of interviews given by Marc Webb, his producers and cast.

We thought it would be nice to put all that Spider-Man news in one place for you.

First up, from Brendon's own panel live blog for The Amazing Spiderman 2, here are the news worthy bits as they happened:

Jamie Foxx says that we see Max Dillon betrayed by life, love and his work. We meet him on his birthday and not even his mother remembers. He becomes a very serious character, the opposite of Spider-Man.

The scenes with The Rhino appear to be at the front of the film before there is an Electro and while Peter Parker is enjoying being Spider-Man.

Secondly, Norman Osborn appears to be an inmate of the Ravencroft Institute. If inmate is the right word.

The Electro origin story starts with an electric shock while Dillon is working at Oscorp, sending him falling into a tank of elecitrc eels. I guess more genetically modified animals are in play.

Dane DeHaan says that this version of Harry Osborn was a childhood friend of Peter Parker sent to boarding school. He'd cut off his home lot, thanks to a rough relationship with his dad, but it's now time for him to come back. He has to now reconcile his relationship with Parker.

There was a great scene in the trailer where Spider-Man has Max Dillon lick his Spider-glove so he can fix Dillon's hair for him. Foxx is talking about how Dillon must be the first black man with a comb over.

Apparently, Electro has the power to "approach a power socket and merge with the Electricity." Does that mean Wes Craven's Shocker-style travel down wires?

Also, from Empire's  twitter account, a promise that Shailene Woodley's Mary Jane was going to drop a famous line – and apparently still will, sooner or later.

A few days back, you may recall, Felicity Jones let slip that she is playing "the Goblin's girlfriend" in the film. This confused a few people, and it was assumed that she would be dating Harry Osborn's character, somebody her own age, and that this would mean he would be taking on the guise of the Green Goblin before his Dad. However, Cinemablend spoke to Marc Webb who admitted to helping spread the rumour, but also said that Jones' character actually has a "special relationship" with Norman Osborn.

Chris Cooper, who is playing Norman Osborn, and Felicity Jones have a 33 year age gap. So that could be a little creeptacular. I'd also wager that, with all the clues coming together, this means we will see the Green Goblin at least teased in the sequel.

At the same time, Cinemablend asked about the possibility of the Secret Six turning up in a future movie. Producer Matt Tolmach said:

It IS wishful thinking on their part (the fans), but that doesn't mean it's a bad idea. It's a great idea. We haven't yet nailed down.

He also added that all the actors playing villains are very excited about making future Spiderman movies.

Where as Marc Webb teased:

I'm a fan of The Sinister Six. I'll say that. I think if you pay attention to the second movie, you'll see hints of what's to come.

More teasing came when Webb spoke with Crave:

Think about the Gentleman. I'm just saying. Put that in your… There's your little tidbit. Think about The Gentleman.

The Gentleman is the character responsible for gathering The Sinister Six in a Spider-Man novel, appropriately enough titled The Gathering of the Sinister Six.

And that's your lot, I think. There's plenty there for you to chew over for a while, I hope. So now start weaving the narrative together in your head and arguing with each other about the fine points.