Captain America Vs Nazis In Real Life Today As Chris Evans Takes On David Duke On Twitter


A lot has been said about whether or not you should punch Nazis. Should you punch them? Shouldn't you? You should, says Warren Ellis.

But one of the most prominent anti-Nazi-punching proponents is the current writer of Captain America comics for Marvel, Nick Spencer. Despite Captain America demonstrably punching the top Nazi on the cover of Captain America #1, Spencer says that Nazis should not be punched because freedom of speech. It is, perhaps, not surprising, given Captain America is himself a Nazi in Spencer's ongoing storylines.

Another Captain America, however, remains firmly in the anti-Nazi camp. Actor Chris Evans, who plays Cap in the Marvel cinematic universe, is currently involved in a Twitter feud with former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. The seeds were planted months ago, when Duke tweeted an article he wrote in support of the appointment of Jeff Sessions as Donald Trump's attorney general, despite objections that Sessions has a long history of bigotry and sexism.

In the wake of Sessions' approval last night, Evans fired back:

And Duke, who is basically a real life comic book villain, replied:

Evans fired back:


Admittedly, Evans' tweets aren't quite as satisfying to watch as this:

But it's good to see at least one Captain America acting true to character.

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