Coming 2 America Moves from Paramount to Amazon

Amazon is continuing to pick up more and more theatrical releases in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. So far, some studios have sold their movies to streaming services when it became apparent that movie theaters weren't going to be opening anytime soon. Since the United States has failed to get its collective shit together when it comes to COVID-19, and while some people think wearing a mask is a "weakness," it doesn't appear that the domestic box office will recover anytime soon. So it isn't that surprising that Amazon has picked up Coming 2 America from Paramount in a deal worth $125 million according to Variety. The rumored release date would be December 18th.

Coming 2 America Moves from Paramount to Amazon
Eddie Murphy at the hand & footprint ceremony honoring Dreamworks co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg at the TCL Chinese Theatre, Hollywood. Editorial credit: Featureflash Photo Agency /

The fine details are still being worked out because of "two complex consumer marketing tie-ins with McDonald's and whiskey brand Crown Royal, which are expected to transfer over to Amazon Studios with the film." Coming 2 America star and producer Eddie Murphy also needs to sign off on the deal before it can happen, but Amazon reportedly is pursuing as a "priority" in light of their other acquisitions in recent months. The Borat sequel will stream to Amazon, and others include Without Remorse and One Night in Miami. Netflix has also been on the lookout for movies to buy from studios, and they have picked up Trial of the Chicago 7 and Lovebirds.

Amazon is currently having a very good year with The Boys ranking up there as one of the highest-rated shows on streaming services. They will likely continue to try and pick up the smaller releases that studios won't be able to release in theaters. It makes sense for studios to sell off these smaller movies to streaming services while holding their big blockbusters for when and if movie theaters and the box office return to normal. We'll probably see a lot more mid-range movies head to streaming in the next couple of years, with only big blockbusters making it to the big screen. This might be our new normal going forward

Wear your damn masks.

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