Dave Johns On Wearing A Modesty Pouch With Alison Steadman In '23 Walks'

Dave Johns, star of I, Daniel Blake, went on Richard Herring's podcast RHLSTP last month, which I'm only just catching up with, talking about his surprise late-in-life film career. He talked about the movie he has been filming with Alison Steadman, 23 Walks, which included his first love scene at 63 years of age.

The film about two pensioners who meet while walking their dogs, saw him stripping off for the scene, and being introduced to the film industry concept of wearing a 'modesty pouch' over his genitalia for shooting purposes. He talks about how the scene was tastefully filmed, on a closed set with monitor cameras turned off – but he had a problem.

Johns told the costume department "this is really uncomfortable, this and they goes, 'well its industry standard'. And I'm, 'well I'm a Geordie, you know'. The costume goes 'give us a look', so I opened my thing, right… 'You've got it on back to front'. Both my balls were hanging out on each side… I went 'it's Dumbo's face', and when I said that they had to stand the crew down for twenty-five minutes."

And with the realisation that Alison Steadman plays Richard Herring's mother in his BBC sitcom, Relativity. what this might mean for David and Richard's ongoing relationship.

RHLSTP is one of the finest podcast comedy interviews around, from a podcast pioneer. You really should listen to more of these. And this one is a belter. You can subscribe on iTunes here.

Listen to the podcast here, or watch it below, including Dave Johns interactions with Ken Loach, Daniel Day Lewis, Steven Spielberg, Kevin Spacey, Woody Allen, Dan Castellaneta… and of course Alison Steadman.

23 Walks, written and directed by Paul Morrison, is due to be released in September. With these two as leads, can it be anything less than brilliant?

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