David Arquette Shares His Love for Scream Visionary Wes Craven

Although the hype for Scream 5 is unlike any other horror property in production (Halloween, Spiral, Candyman, etc.), there's no denying that the absence of the visionary mind of Wes Craven, who directed the first four films, is felt by everyone involved.

After Craven's passing in 2015, many assumed it would mean the end of Scream because Craven's name is almost synonymous with the horror franchise. The director (who also wrote and directed the iconic Nightmare on Elm Street) was such a powerful influence on the horror genre and its dedicated fans, so when Scream 5 was announced, it was a bittersweet moment of peak excitement and a heavy heart.

David Arquette arrives to "Scream 4" World Premiere on April 11,2011 in Hollywood, CA. Editorial credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com
David Arquette arrives to "Scream 4" World Premiere on April 11, 2011, in Hollywood, CA. Editorial credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com

Though the passion we've heard about from the directorial duo known as Radio Silence has since relieved our anxiety — David Arquette is speaking up about the profound loss and absence of Craven on set. In an interview with The Independent, the actor was reminded of a statement while working on the original Scream, where he said, "When I'm around him, I feel this enormous sense of pain and longing for a simpler world — for love."

After being reminded of his sentiment, the actor shared, "I'm sorry. I've been having a really hard time lately with missing him. That's such a beautiful thing to say. And, you know, I was tortured. My mother was dying around that time, so that was a really difficult and dark period. And it's true. I do, like, long for a world of love."

Arquette later goes on to admit he spent time onset of the new film listening to some of Craven's favorite songs,  scrolling through his Twitter feed to read old messages from Craven, or simply just to see who he followed. Craven clearly left such an impact on the countless people he worked with throughout his long-running career as a horror mastermind. Despite the difficult idea fact that we won't be getting to see more of Scream from Wes Craven's perspective, we're truly lucky to have so many of his projects to return to when missing the talent of one of the best, most efficient, kindhearted directors of our time. 

Are you excited to see how Scream 5 pays tribute to Craven?


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