3 (More) Things We Hope to See From the Upcoming Scream 5

Scream 5 is finally on the way, so with a cast announced and the premise revealed, there are a few things that we'd like to see in the return to Woodsboro.

If you haven't figured out by our extensive coverage, we're definitely fans of the Scream franchise. After Scream was announced towards the end of 2019, we took our knowledge on Scream and compiled a list of things we hoped to see in Scream 5. Some included the return of Sidney and avoiding a franchise reboot, so now that we know we're being blessed by those wins, it's time to make a few updates to our previous list.

Sidney remains a central role

The franchise leading lady Neve Campbell is the heart of the Scream franchise, and she comes to mind just as quickly as Ghostface when you think of anything Scream related. We were introduced to Sidney a year after the tragedy of her mother's murder, and the events plagued her life and fueled psychopaths for four films. Sidney has essentially grown up on-screen, which is a rarity in the horror genre, and having her return is something extraordinary.

While there are those who hope for some core-cast bloodshed to change things up, Sidney is a character that it's hard to imagine being anything other than the ultimate final girl. Yes, losing Gale or Dewey would be a tough pill to swallow, but if it meant we had to sacrifice one of the main three, killing Sidney would feel like throwing away one of the best protagonists in horror. Not to mention, this makes Campbell one of two horror icons to appear in four different decades. Need I say more?

Motives (partially) connected to the pre-existing movies

This is probably something that fans might feel divided on, such as the climax of Scream 3 (highly underrated,) but it would be nice to revisit old wounds with new information. Bringing a character like Judy Hicks back for Scream 5 does give us a little chance of a storyline we've often referenced. Still, in any capacity, it would be nice to see a killer harboring an old-school secret that involves the return of Ghostface.

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It doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be something origin-changing like Randy references in Scream 3. However, keeping the Prescott and Loomis bloodline intertwined with the story could be a starting point for a new generation of moviegoers and an expansion for those invested in the original Scream (similarly to the Strode family in Halloween.) Since there're typically multiple killers, they'll most likely make a new character a killer to expand the fresh meat storyline in Scream, but hopefully, another killer that has callbacks to those who survived any Ghostface murders. The idea of a partnership on the scale could be a perfect blend of classic and modern horror, teaming up against two different generations.

Plenty of intense, Scream-Esque chase scenes

Scream 5 is shaping up to have a cast that ranges from returning players to fresh blood, and there's plenty of potential victims. Assuming a lot of them won't make it to another film, we would love to see Scream amp up the tension and showcase one of Scream's best attributes.

Some of the standout sequences in prior films include Sarah Michelle Gellar's sorority house scene, Sidney's climactic fight with the killer in Scream 3, or the entire final act of the original movie. If they try to change anything about Scream, let's hope that it's an escalation of fear and a fight for survival. That doesn't suggest that comedy can't be of thematic importance, because of course, that's essential — but let's take this opportunity to remind people why Ghostface is one of the most ruthless slasher icons of all time.

What are you hoping to see in Scream 5?

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