Deadpool Star T.J. Miller Arrested For Allegedly Slapping Uber Driver In Donald Trump Spat

weasel_tj_millerT.J. Miller, who played Weasel in Deadpool, plays Erlich Bachman on the HBO show Silicon Valley, and star of the upcoming Office Christmas Party, was arrested early Friday morning after an alleged altercation with his Uber driver. According to TMZ, Miller allegedly slapped the Uber driver after a ride home from the GQ Men of the Year party as a result of an argument about Donald Trump, voted by Family Feud judges as the number three "reason to get in an alleged fight with an Uber driver" behind "surge pricing" and "unexplained odor coming from under the seat, oh god, what is that odor, did someone die in here??"

The report doesn't state whether Miller was arguing against or in favor of the President Elect, or whether the alleged dispute was over a non-political subject like whether or not Trump's hair is real, or whether he should have fired Gary Busey on Celebrity Apprentice. However, Miller condemned Trump on Twitter in July, so we're assuming he's not a fan:

Hopefully Miller gets out of the slammer by Sunday, when he scheduled to host the Critics' Choice Awards. If nothing else, at least no one will want to mess with him there. We learned from The Fonz that you only have to get in one alleged fight with an Uber driver in your life, and then you can get by just wearing a leather jacket and acting tough the rest of the time.


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