'Edge of Tomorrow 2'? Emily Blunt Still Hopes It Can Happen

Edge of Tomorrow is one of the most loved films of the last decade. The sci-fi film starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt found box office and critical success when it was released in 2014, and talks of a sequel have swirled ever since. They even gave it a new name. While Edge of Tomorrow 2 would have been fine, they are going with Live Die Repeat and Repeat. That is a play on the home video release when they changed the title to Live Die Repeat. Yes, this is stupid. Emily Blunt is making the rounds for A Quiet Place Part 2 right now, and IndieWire asked the actress about the Edge of Tomorrow sequel status, from director Doug Liman being excited to start to bringing in new writer Matthew Robinson who may have figured it all out:

'Edge of Tomorrow 2'? Emily Blunt Still Hopes It Can Happen
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"I think there's an idea, that he says is great," Blunt said in a recent interview with IndieWire. "And he says this guy came in and cracked the case. How the stars will all align for us to be able to do it. I don't know. I hope they do. I absolutely adored it," she said. "It broke my body in half, but I'd be willing to do it again to work with those boys who I love. So let's see. Tom and I are going to be 70 before we make another one," she said. "It's going to look a bit weird. We'll have to do a real flashforward one." The actress added with a laugh, "We'll go full 'Irishman,' it'll be the 'Irishman' version of 'Edge of Tomorrow.' Who knows? I hope, I'm going to talk to Doug about it [at the 'A Quiet Place: Part II' premiere]."

Here's hoping that they do figure it out. Audiences, myself included, would love to spend more time in the Edge of Tomorrow universe.


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