Elizabeth Moss Teases That the Remake of The Invisible Man Will Be Genderbent

Earlier this month a report emerged that the remake of The Invisible Man was going to start production this July and Elizabeth Moss was in talks to star with director Leigh Whannell. However, it seemed that Johnny Depp would no longer be involved. Buzzfeed News recently interviewed Moss and she played coy as to whether or not she was even in talks for the role.

"I would say that I can't talk about it. I can't really talk about it, but I would say that it's— I can't say anything about it," she said, laughing.

Elizabeth Moss Teases That the Remake of The Invisible Man Will Be Genderbent
(Photo by:Jill Greenberg/Hulu)

However, Moss went on to put out a very interesting hypothetical. She seemed to be implying that this new version of the movie wouldn't be following an invisible man but an invisible woman.

"I would say I don't think I would be replacing Johnny Depp necessarily. I can say that," teased Moss in her interview. "But I think it's an incredible story that maybe needs to to be retold, but maybe with a woman."

Of course, Moss wasn't in any way confirming that this was the plot for the upcoming movie.

"I'm not saying I'm doing it," she teased sarcastically. "I'm just saying that theoretically that would be a great idea."

The current rumors say production is set to start this July so we'll have to see what ends up happening.

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