It's Eobard Thawne's Reality And We're All Just Living In It

This article contains spoilers for the DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode – Doomworld.







The penultimate episode of Legends of Tomorrow season 2 was quite exciting and continues a season that has made it the most fun of all of the Arrowverse shows. The episode opens with Eobard Thawne as the head of S.T.A.R. Labs and extremely rich and powerful. Damien Darhk is running Star City, Leonard Snart and Mick Rory control half of Central City and Malcolm Merlyn has his wife and both kids by his side. But we learned that Mick didn't want the Legends killed, so they became part of the new reality. Sara and Amaya become Darhk's hench-women. Stein works on a project for Thawne, with Jax as his horrible boss while Ray is the janitor. The only one that is outside of the Legion's view is Nate who lives in his mother's basement and has figured out that the currently reality is wrong. And his mother makes the best sandwiches.

We also get a pretty interesting theme with Felicity Smoak as an unnamed vigilante that Sara and Amaya capture and then kill. And we get to see Darhk's hero mask collection showing that Green Arrow, Black Canary, Spartan, Wilddog, Mr. Terrific and The Flash are dead.

Oh, and Rip Hunter is trapped someone where on the Waverider learning how to make cakes.

It's not paradise. Merlyn wants to make a few more changes using the spear… but Thawne says no. Mick's not happy because there is no challenge to robbing a bank if the cops are going to just let you get away. There's a nice Prison Break easter egg when Snart offers to let them get arrested and then they can break out of Iron Heights like old times. And Nate, with his knownledge that something is wrong with reality, goes to the one person he thinks can help… Thawne. Eobard is amazed that Nate figured it out, then tells Snart and Mick to kill Nate. But Mick figures he's made a big mistake, knocks out Snart and flees with Nate to find Ray. Though he's just a plummer, his original mind pushed through and by instinct he built a device that would reset their minds to pre-spear days. Mick uses it on Nate, who immediately punches Mick for the betrayal. Then Nate uses it on Ray… who immediately punches Mick for the betrayal.

Meanwhile Snart had gone to Darhk (with Merlyn there) to get help tracking down Mick. Snart places a GPS tracker on him, so Darhk sends Sara and Amaya. Then the three discuss what they're going to do about Thawne. Sara and Amaya attack Nate, Ray and Mick. They try to talk sense into the women, but no luck. The fight surprisingly goes the way of the guys (the women are way better fighters here) and Amaya runs off. The shoot Sara with the ray and she returns to normal… immediately punching Mick for the betrayal. Do you sense a theme?

Sara heads back to try and get Amaya before anyone knows Sara has changed. But Darhk figures it out and teases Sara with the killing of Black Canary. Darhk has his magic powers back and goes into a bad guy monologue while holding Sara off the ground. So much so that Snart calls him on doing a bad guy monologue. Sara is able to shoot Amaya with the ray, bringing back her memory and the two are able to escape. Snart does an 'I told you so', but Merlyn tells Darhk that it was a good bad guy monologue.

Now in Nate's basement, Mick is talking about how good Nate's mom's sandwiches are while the team figures out what to do next. They go after Jax and get him… he also likes the sandwiches. And he goes in to get Stein, but Martin has been so abused by Jax in the new reality, that he fights against him and breaks the ray. The team goes in, except for Mick because no one trusts him. So Mick goes back to Snart and tells him what's going on. And we learn that what Thawne has Stein working on is a reactor that will create enough heat to destroy the spear of destiny. The Legends go to stop him because they want the spear to reset reality. Snart, Mick, Merlyn and Darhk want the spear for themselves and want to get rid of Thawne, so they head to the lab and we end up with a big standoff with everyone fighting each other and the spear bouncing around the room until it Thawne is unconscious and the spear ends up in Mick's hands. He has to decide if he's going to give it to the Legends or the Legion.

He chooses to give it to Amaya to undo what Thawne did. But as she works up the spell for the spear, Snart blasts her with his cold gun, then shatters her. Amaya is now dead.

Thawne, now awake, grabs the spear and tosses it into his home made Mount Doom… and the spear is destroyed. Thawne then decides to leave everyone alive to suffer in this new reality. Sara decides their only option now is to go back in time and grab the spear before Mick gives it to Snart. Breaking the cardinal rule of time travel… never cross your own timeline. But they need to find Rip and the Waverider… which we learn has been shrunk down and is sitting on Thawne's desk at S.T.A.R. Labs.

This was a big, action packed episode but it had so much really good humor that it may be my favorite episode of the season. The running sandwich gag, hitting Mick gag, the bad guy monologue, Nate's horrible hair cut, Hunters cake making… for such a serious episode with a death… it was amazingly lighthearted and fun.

It's that time, the season finale of DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Unlike the other series that are going on hiatus for a few weeks, Legends will air next week, April 4th, but will move up to the 8 PM time slot with iZombie making it's season premiere at 9 PM.

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