Followed Hits VOD and Drive Ins This MOnth

EXCLUSIVE: Hear Tracks From The Score of the Horror Film Followed

Followed is a new horror film currently available  to see at drive-ins around the country. The score is one of the standout parts of the film, by Jason Soudah, with its pulsing beats and interesting quieter moments. I was a fan when I watched the film, which is currently number one at the North American […]

The Wretched will play at select drive-ins on May 1st.

Exclusive: Hear Tracks From The Soundtrack To Horror Film The Wretched

The Wretched is a new horror/thriller from IFC Films' Midnight label, and it looks very creepy. It almost feels like a coming of age horror film. Featuring some striking visuals and what looks like really spooky effects, this one should be on horror fans radar for sure. Also, a part of any quality horror film […]

The soundtrack to horror film 1BR releases on April 29th.

EXCLUSIVE Hear Tracks Off The Soundtrack To Horror Film 1BR

1BR is a new horror film from Dark Sky Films following a girl named Sarah, who leaves behind a painful past to follow her dreams in Hollywood. She finds a perfect apartment, only to find out that it may have trapped her in a way that she was trying to escape in the first place. […]

The soundtrack to Behind You by Christian Davis releases on April 21st.

Exclusive: Hear 2 Tracks From Soundtrack to Horror Film Behind You

Behind You releases on VOD streaming services on April 17th. The horror film "follows two young sisters, sent to live with their estranged Aunt, find that all the mirrors in her house are covered or hidden. When one of the sisters happens upon a mirror in the basement, she unknowingly releases a malicious demon that […]

'River Runs Red' Taye Diggs, John Cusack Exclusive Clip

Bleeding Cool is excited to debut this exclusive clip from the upcoming River Runs Red film featuring Taye Diggs, George Lopez, Luke Hemsworth, and John Cusack.   More about the film: Taye Diggs, George Lopez and John Cusack star in this action-packed battle for revenge at any price. Respected Judge Charles Coleman (Taye Diggs) and his wife (Jennifer Tao) […]

'Death Race: Beyond Anarchy' Exclusive Clip and Zach McGowan Interview

Bleeding Cool is delighted to debut an exclusive behind the scenes clip from Death Race: Beyond Anarchy (which is now on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital) and we had the chance to chat with the star of the film, Zach McGowan! Here's an inside look at the cars and drivers of Death Race: Beyond Anarchy.   […]

Mara: Exclusive Clip from New Sleep Paralysis Horror Starring Olga Kurylenko

Bleeding Cool has received an exclusive clip from Mara, a new thriller about a woman trying to learn the truth about a creature that attacks you in your sleep — without becoming its next victim. From a producer of Paranormal Activity and Insidious comes this shock-filled descent into fear. After a man is seemingly strangled in his bed, criminal psychologist […]


Exclusive Clip of Sci-Fi Thriller 'Occupation': The Fight Continues

Occupation is the latest upcoming outing from Australian writer/director Luke Sparke (Red Billabong). If you think Red Dawn, but with aliens rather than Soviets and Cubans as the invaders, you won't be far off the mark. A group of town residents band together to fight back against an alien invasion. Turning to hit-and-run tactics rather […]


You're Wrong About The Future: Exclusive Scene From Roddenberry's New Film Instant

Roddenberry Entertainment, a name synonymous with science fiction,  will be releasing their latest short film Instant following their San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) panel on Thursday July 19, 2018 1:30pm – 2:30pm in Room 24ABC.  The company was awesome enough to let us share an exclusive clip with our readers ahead of next week's panel. An intimate 22-minute […]