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First Look At Scream TV Pilot Script – Red Roses By Jill Blotevogel

UPDATE: Jennifer Solari, VP Program Publicity and Communications of MTV gets in touch to say "I see your post here with the Scream script pages up and this is property of MTV and would like you to take this down asap."

We have chosen to remove the script excerpts, summarising the salient points. The original article runs below.


We saw iPads and the like popping up in the screenplay to Fear The Walking Dead that we saw a few weeks ago. Well, in Scream, they're all over the place. It's a slasher TV series for the social media generation. Scream was about phones, Scream TV is about smartphones.

[Script Clip Redacted – it showed the lake of the town, the refrain "Daisy Daisy" from the song "Bicycle Built For Two", and the video of two girls kissing, being watched, schocked by one of the girls, spreading across the internet]

Smartphones and sex and how the two affect the other. Just as Scream explored how teenagers relate to each other, that was of the nineties, and that social world has changed so much since, and the new Scream is submersed in socil media and technology at fingertips, so we explore how it all works…

How they work… and of course how they don't.

[Script Clip Redacted – the character of Nina trying to use Siri to call 911, but instead called the Pottery Barn. Also, her wet fingers won't let her type.]

And how it doesn't.

Just as with Scream, it begins with a murder of a young woman, as well as her boyfriend, in a game by a serial killer, playing with his victim as a cat with a mouse. Just as in Scream, these women are not defenseless, but ultimately their attempts at survival are useless.

The TV show is a reboot. There are, in the pilot, no references to Westboro, or the characters from the Scream movie franchise that I can see. This is new blood, as it were. Even that mask that both determined the iconography of the movie, and its title, based on Munsch's Scream painting, appears to have gone.

[Script Clip Redacted – it describes not the mask we know from the films, but instead a "terrifying mask"]

The main characters from the series, one or two of whom will no doubt be revealed as the killer – and there is a strong indication of who one may be at the end of the episode, are:

Audrey Jenson – 16 year old, daughter of Pastor Jensen, now famed for snogging a girl, filmed without her knowledge and put online. Nina Patterson and Tyler O'Neil, teenage wild child couple, who who made said film and put it online.

Emma Duval, also 16, studious type, but part of the popular set.  Maggie, 40, Emma's mum with an Under The Dome-style history.

Also in Emma's set are her boyfriend, 16, Will Belmont, basketball student. Queen bee Brooke Maddox, Will's muscled wingman Jake Fitzgerald and the cute sporty Riley Marra. Hot student Kieran Wilcox, just arrived from Atlanta. We have teachers Fran Herbeck (50s), Seth Branson (late 20s), and Principal Showalter. And Sheriff Hudson.

And then there's Rachel. And the memories of disfigured killer from the nineties, Brandon James. Whose body they never found…

But should it be a TV series at all? Well the film-geek-who-knows-all character in the Scream films, Randy Meeks, has become Noah, 16 year old student. Who lays out potential problems with the TV series and defines how the TV show will differ from the film franchise, quite blatantly, for the audience. Who should be taking notes.

[Script Clip Redacted – the character of Mr Branson tries to engage with the class about gothic literature by citing TV series. The geeky student Noah dismisses slasher movies, saying you can;t do slasher TV series, as movies "burn fast and bright" while TV series have to stretch things out]

And this is where that stretching begins…

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