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Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat released the first draft of "A Christmas Carol." (Image: BBC)
After making several references to the adventure's first draft script, Moffat promised to get it to Cook so that fans could take a look On Thursday, that's exactly what fans found in their stocking: a look at the first draft of the script, with all 70-plus pages available to download in user-friendly PDF format here[...]
Doctor Who: Steven Moffat’s Last Word On “Blink”
But while that might've been his "last word," it appears he wasn't quite finished with his "last thought." On Monday, Cook and Moffat shared a copy of the originally barely-seen first draft script for "Blink," entitled "Sally Sparrow And The Weeping Angel." Doctor Who: "Blink", BBC Studios Never referencing the word "blink" and with an ending different[...]
I've Just Read Diane Ruggiero-Wright's Script For The US Remake Of Misfits
Yesterday, we told that iZombie TV show co-creator/producer and Veronica Mars alumni Diane Ruggiero-Wright was behind the new US remake of Misfits. Today, we get a look at that first script. How does it stand up? Well the language has been toned down, the first UK series began with the memorable "I'm gonna kick you so hard in the[...]
A New Script Titled 'Marian' Sets Out To Reinvent Robin Hood
However, The Tracking Board has just learned that a new script is being quietly sent off to studios called Marian, The script was from writer Pete Barry and is being pitched as a female lead version of Gladiator or Braveheart following the love interest of Robin Hood Maid Marian in a story told from her point[...]
FX Orders Pilot for 'Sons of Anarchy' Spinoff 'Mayans MC'
After FX first got fan's hopes up when it ordered a script for development back in May, it looks like the network is ready to take the next step with creation of the pilot for Mayans MC Sons of Anarchy's original writer, director, and producer Kurt Sutter will coming back in again which should help keep[...]
Free Comic Book Day Shows How Grant Morrison Writes A Script – Avatarex
A few pages of Grant Morrison's script for the series. So we have page one, drawn by Jeevan J Kang. And then the script that describes it. Note however in panel three, nothing in intruding into the panel as requested Evidence that the artist is working in the spirit of the script rather than trying to get down[...]
A Racial Reading Of The Riverdale TV Pilot Script
Vixen writes for Bleeding Cool, I'm pretty sure by now you've read Rich Johnston's thoughts and Joe Glass's thoughts about The CW's Riverdale script – and now you have to check out my take on the diversity aspect Riverdale is definitely full of drama, which is perfect for The CW One thing that is different from a[...]
I've Just Read The Pilot Script To DC Comics And NBC's New Comedy, Powerless (UPDATE)
Emily, Del, Jackie, Teddy… UPDATE: Script scans excerpts removed, at the request of Asad Kazi of Warner Bros Entertainment Inc So that's confirmed it's real then… On Monday I talked about the script to Riverdale, the new CW teen drama based on the Archie Comics series Well, today I have the script to the DC Comics TV show Powerless,[...]
I've Just Read The Lucifer Pilot. And It's A Cop Show With A Cute Kid.
Recently we've run pilot script reviews of Fear The Walking Dead and Scream Getting them was hard, no one had them But Lucifer by Californication's Tom Kapino is different, three separate people offered to send me a copy It's been green lit, it's gone out for casting and it's available for those who want to find[...]
First Look At Scream TV Pilot Script – Red Roses By Jill Blotevogel
UPDATE: Jennifer Solari, VP Program Publicity and Communications of MTV gets in touch to say "I see your post here with the Scream script pages up and this is property of MTV and would like you to take this down asap." We have chosen to remove the script excerpts, summarising the salient points The original article[...]
Friday Runaround – From Japan To India To The South China Sea
My dearest wish is to see Death's Head on the big screen – but not if Michael Bay is calling the shots. HairWatch: Gag manga Afuro Tanaka, featuring a Japanese kid with a massive afro, gets moviefied. ArrowWatch: A script review of the upcoming Green Arrow TV series, Arrow. Oliver Queen is a spoiled rich kid who got[...]
Saturday Trending Topics: Bane Says
Like just about everybody, I'm a little skeptical that this script snippet is legit Still, it does make for interesting speculation  Did you understand Bane?  And nothing to do with nothing, but I just realized that two of today's trends have their roots in (roughly) 20-year-old DC Comics stories. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Whatever Happened To… The[...]
DC Women Kicking Ass On Wonder Woman TV Pilot Script
It's one thing for Bleeding Cool's Richard and Brendon to look at David Kelley's TV pilot script for Wonder Woman picked up byNBC and pass judgment It's a whole other thing for Sue, writer for mega-popular blog DC Women Kicking Ass to review it. We're talking investment in character, investment in the comic, investment in what[...]
Preview: Human Target Pilot Script
The pilot script for the now-picked-up TV series replicates that exactly, apart from the whole impersonation thing. Shame, there could have been scope for all sorts of cameo "lead roles", with all sorts of actors playing Christopher Chance, episode by episode, a kind of anti-Dollhouse but they already tried that back in the 1990 TV version[...]