Five Thoughts For Season 5 Of Arrow

ARROWArrow is wrapping up season four in the next few week and there has been some really good things in the series and some not so good. So I started thinking about what I'd like to see in a season five. What elements have fallen to the wayside that I'd like to see return and what new things could be added. And here are the five things:

1 – Return the focus onto Oliver Queen and Green Arrow. The bunker has gotten a little too full and we don't get enough of Oliver doing his thing alone anymore. He always has a partner or two with him. That's great when he's facing a big situation, but he needs more solo work. And he needs to go back to shooting arrows. It is the name of the show. He fights more than he shoots. This season needs to be pure Green Arrow. And if he is going to team up with someone, make it one person only.

2 – John Diggle needs to go out on his own. Create a subplot that will tied back around to the main story near the end. But put him on a mission where we get to showcase his abilities as a soldier and as a problem solver. After the guilt he feels from what happened to Laurel Lance, I think he needs to go away from the team. Maybe take an easy mission from Argus that ends up going south.

3 – The big bad dynamic needs to change. In four seasons we've had four villains that have wanted to destroy Star City for various reasons. This year's baddie not only needs to be different but his plan needs to have a different focus. And bring in new villains like Onomatopoeia or bring back Bronze Tiger and Clock King. And not just for single issues, have them back for mini-arcs. Maybe have them all being coordinated by Calculator and don't reveal the big bad until near the end of the season. Then pull all the villains in together and make the reveal something personal and surprising.

4 – Either they are or the aren't. Put the Olicity drama aside for a season. It's gotten to be a bit too much and needs to be settled for a while. Either they're together and happy or apart and happy. Maybe Felicity Smoak should go on the mission with Diggle to clear her head. But we just don't need that particular drama again.

5 – Tap Earth-2 for new threats. A few villains from Earth-2 made it over, it's possible a few decided not to take on the Flash and left Central City. Could be good fodder for villains since Green Arrow's isn't exactly a treasure trove of characters. Most of the best have already been used. So grabbing from Earth-2 could fix that.

Possible Source: If they really want to do something different with the season, they could just use Longbow Hunters as their guide. Even though they've already used Shado and Fyers and Laurel is gone, they could still do a variation on it.

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