For The First Time, Finn Balor And Bray Wyatt Wrestle A Real Match

For weeks, the Demon and the Eater of Worlds have been going back and forth, teasing and mocking, and doing very little in the way of wrestling. Thankfully, that all changed after a brawl in the locker room. At last, Finn Balor steps into the ring against Bray Wyatt.

Wyatt looked distant as he walked down to the ring, as if he was invoking another worldly power. As much as I don't like his gimmick, it's good. He looked intense, and focused as Finn Balor made his stunning entrance into the ring. Apparently Wyatt can't figure out why people love Balor, but let's be real. We know why. He's charismatic, he's easy on the eyes, and he's a good wrestler. And he's really good at looking intense.

The match started quick, these two men were not messing around. Balor used his knee kicks liberally, but Wyatt was holding his own. However, Wyatt isn't as quick as Balor. Balor got him out of the ring quickly with a series of kicks, but Wyatt is durable. Wyatt got him down and into a headlock, but Balor fought back. Wyatt is a good wrestler–he isn't quick, but he can throw you down, and he is a master at drama in the ring.

This match was rather incredible. They both played up their roles exceedingly well, and Wyatt's move of throwing his body into Balor was effective, but not enough to get the three count. Balor replied with a sling blade, but it wasn't enough for either men to win yet.

Wyatt attempted to get Balor into a Sister Abigail, but Balor got out, throwing him out of the ring, kicking him into the guardrail, back into the ring…and Wyatt got the upper hand again with Sister Abigail. In a not so shocking win, Wyatt did win. After his win, Wyatt delivered another Sister Abigail just to prove a point. Then the ring went dark, and Wyatt had a bucket of "blood" in his hand. He proceeded to dump said "blood" on Balor, and at this point I don't know if I want to punch or hug whomever wrote this match.

These two will be going head to head at Summer Slam, and I have a feeling Balor will be bringing the demon out to play with Wyatt, and put him in his place for good.

Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt

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