Fox Would Like To Do Another Simpsons Movie Says Producer But No Plans Right Now


The Simpsons Movie was recieved pretty great, and was a real milestone moment for the series. Seeing the yellow family on the big screen once again has been floated around a whole bunch, but a of yet, there hasn't been a lot of movement on it.

Well, don't consider the possibility dead just yet. Speaking to LRM, show producer James L. Brooks has said that Fox want the movie. The problem appears to be finding a reason to go back to the cinema. He said:

Fox very much wants us to do another one, and maybe we will and maybe we won't—that's where it is. How do we divide our labors, and do we believe in the idea we have? We may go into a more active exploration of a second movie soon.

I'd be up for another Simpson movie. Couldn't hurt the property, and if everyone was firing on all cylinders like the first, that would be a bonus.

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