Ghost Rider, Darkhold And Agents Of SHIELD

This article contains spoilers for the Marvel's Agents of SHIELD episode Meet The New Boss.







Okay, let's jump right into it. Last night's Marvel's Agents of SHIELD gave us a lot to think about and a few important moments.

1 – Not every enhanced human is an Inhuman. You'd think Daisy Johnson would realize that with folks like Spider-Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Scarlet Witch and Luke Cage running around the same universe. But she headed to Los Angeles to check out the Ghost Rider thinking he was like her. We don't know his exact origin in the series yet, but we know he's not an Inhuman… though we do meet one  in the episode.

2 – Whatever GR's origin is, Robbie Reyes thinks it ties into the lab in Pasadena and a mysterious book called the Darkhold. The book was mentioned by the spectral looking characters that have driven some folks mad with their touch. The Darkhold, also called the Book of Sins, was created in the comics by the Elder God Chthon… who could definitely use to buy a vowel… as a written record of all the black magic he knew. This may be the center of the supernatural aspects of the fourth season.

3 – Phil Coulson and the new director. We learn that not only did Coulson turn down the job as director, he urged the President to find a hero to do the job since Captain America has went AWOL after Civil War. Turns out the guy the get is an Inhuman that could easily stand in for Captain America. Yesterday I wondered if the director was Jeffrey Mace, a character from the 1940s called Patriot that became the third person to be Captain America. We know the director's name is Jeffrey… after seeing him in action I think it's safe to say he is Jeffrey Mace, but there is a lot more going on here.

4 – The action we saw him in was helping to stop… okay who am I trying to kid… stopping Melinda May. The touch from the spectral named Lucy last week had finally driven May crazy and she took out her entire squad and Coulson at once. If Jeffrey hadn't stepped in, I'm not sure anyone could've stopper her. Now she's bound and headed to parts unknown… though next week's previews may give us a clue.

5 – Alphonso 'Mac' MacKenzie and Leo Fitz head to check out the lab in Pasadena and end up running into the Spectral Fredrick who is trying to blow up the reactor. Mac is trapped inside and the Spectral is about to kill Fitz when Ghost Rider steps in and fries the guy. Daisy arrives to free Mac and Fitz stops the explosion. But the key here is when GR leaves, he grabs a photo with seven or eight people in it. So he has a hunting list. It was nice to see that Mac still uses his axe/shotgun.

The episode wraps up with a lot of questions. Exactly who is the new director and what can he do? Where did the Darkhold come from and where is it now? How are Robbie and Daisy going to work together? Just where is May headed? And why didn't we see Holden Radcliffe and Aida?

Well, looks like next week May is headed to Radcliffe, Coulson and Mac are heading back out to L.A. and there's a blackout cause by a group whose hunting Inhumans.

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