Goat Simulator Getting Dayz Inspired DLC In The Form Of GoatZ

Goat Simulator prides itself on its ridiculousness. The buggier and more ludicrous the actions on screen, the better. The game has become much bigger than it was never meant to be, and that's okay. Having a bit of fun with a curiosity is never a bad thing.

This new DLC for looks like it will continue the proud tradition of ridiculousness. Coffee Stain Studios are releasing new content inspired by DayZ, in the form of GoatZ. It's clearly taking aim at the MANY zombie survival games that are turning up on Steam's marketplace at the moment. It even makes the joke about being the only one "not in Early Access".

Here is a trailer for it. It will be released 7th May priced at $4.99.

That crafting joke was pretty silly too. I liked it.

Seriously though, can we chill out on the Zombie Survival game son Steam?

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