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Coffee Stain Launches new Studio Focused On Mobile Titles
Coffee Stain Studios revealed this past week they have launched a studio focused primarily on mobile games called Coffee Stain Malmö The studio has spent the past decade building itself up with some amazing titles that caught people's attention and made them indie darlings, but now they're looking to expand their horizons with new and[...]
"Satisfactory" Will Be Coming To Steam Early Access Soon
Coffee Stain Studios announced a big update to Satisfactory this week, along with news that the game would be coming to Steam Early Access The devs didn't really give a proper date or anything to indicate when it would happen beyond the idea that it would be in 2020 Along with the news came a[...]
THQ Nordic
THQ Nordic announced that it's picked up developers Coffee Stain Studios and Bugbear Entertainment It now has 35 unannounced games in active development. THQ Nordic has made it clear it's not messing around in the last few months The revived publisher garnered strength with major developer and IP acquisitions of late While most of its games[...]
Coffee Stain Studios Reveals Satisfactory at PC Gaming Show
The first game out of the gate at PC Gaming Show this afternoon was Satisfactory from the developers at Coffee Stain Studios The official description sent out today calls Satisfactory "an FPS open-world factory building sim You play as an engineer on an alien planet as part of the 'Save The Day' program – a program[...]
The PC Gaming Show at E3 Liveblog with Bleeding Cool
It is quite possible, given this year's massive lineup, that the PC Gaming Show is actually hosting the Sony overflow since the PlayStation conference is expected to be more intimate than ever. The full official lineup includes: Sega Square Enix Crytek Double Fine Hi-Rez Studios SkyDance Media Digital Extremes Raw Fury Klei Modern Storyteller tinyBuild Cloud Imperium Games Starbreeze 505 Games and an untitled publisher Oculus Rift Stardock Entertainment Tripwire Interactive Coffee Stain Studios Team 17 Frontier he[...]
Goat Simulator Getting Dayz Inspired DLC In The Form Of GoatZ
Coffee Stain Studios are releasing new content inspired by DayZ, in the form of GoatZ It's clearly taking aim at the MANY zombie survival games that are turning up on Steam's marketplace at the moment It even makes the joke about being the only one "not in Early Access". Here is a trailer for it[...]