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Golden Globes Will Not Be Broadcast Or Live Streamed This Weekend

Golden Globes, we hardly knew ye. The oft-made fun of award ceremony is taking place this weekend, though you would be forgiven for not remembering. They certainly do not want you to since the ceremony will not be televised or live-streamed for the public. "This year's event is going to be a private event and will not be live-streamed," an HFPA spokesperson told Deadline on Thursday. "We will be providing real-time updates on winners on the Golden Globes website and our social media." The statement was released to Deadline, who had the report about the news.

golden globes 2018 predictions
Photo of the Golden Globe award statues, per NBC

Maybe This Means The Golden Globes Will Go Away

Not only will the event not be televised, but celebrities will not be in attendance, nor will the media. Long known as the "biggest party night in Hollywood," neither a party nor Hollywood will be in attendance or partying. Only selected members of the HFPA and grant recipients of the organization's philanthropy will be there. Expect them to go overboard to the crowd as far as falling all over themselves to pat themselves on the back over how forward-thinking they have become over the last year since the HFPA came under fire for its lack of diversity and representation.

The HFPA has driven this ceremony into the ground, killing all respectability it may have had for years. On the film side, they have a reputation for being nothing but a bunch of suck-ups to stars to see who they could get to come to their little ceremony and rub elbows with them. They relish in their party status, and they do not give a damn about diversity. I will believe it when I see it. Until then, I will gladly continue to ignore their little Golden Globes ceremony; hopefully, it stays this way and fades into obscurity. Here is more on how crappy the HFPA is.

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