Gran Turismo 7 Likely Coming Before 2017


Gran Turismo 6 was a weird release. The game came out just after the PlayStation 4 had launched, leaving it in a weird limbo where it was overshadowed by the launch of a new gen console. It almost feels forgotten at this point, at least to me, which is sad for the series which is so important to the racing sim genre.

Here is some news that a PlayStation 4 sequel might be coming soon though. According to Sapzio Games (via VG247), when asked if we'd be seeing the title in 2017 as has been rumored, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi replied:

People will never wait so much*

This is good news as it more or less suggests that we can expect the game prior. If it'ss coming out in 2016, I'd assume that means we are due for a reveal at this year's E3 conference. We will see on Monday if that's the case.