Halloween 6 Was Almost Written By Quentin Tarantino

Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers is…not the most beloved of the franchise. It is a confusing, frustrating mess, and that is if you watch the fabled Producer's Cut. What we actually got in theaters back then was even more of a mess. At least the world was introduced to one Paul Stephen Rudd in the process. Halloween 6 was almost a very different film entirely however. In a new interview with Consequence of Sound, none other than Quentin Tarantino revealed he was almost on tap to write the film:

halloween michael myers

"It would have been, if I had done it — I never got hired — but it would have been my job to figure out who the guy in the boots is. I was like, 'Leave that scene where [the Man in Black] shows up, alright, and freeze Michael Myers.' And so the only thing that I had in my mind — I still hadn't figured out who that dude was — was like the first 20 minutes would have been the Lee Van Cleef dude and Michael Myers on the highway, on the road, and they stop at coffee shops and shit and wherever Michael Myers stops, he kills everybody. So, they're like leaving a trail of bodies on Route 66."

And because of course he is, he is also a fan of the divisive Rob Zombie Halloween films:

"The thing is now, I am a big fan of the Rob Zombie Halloweens. When I saw the first one, I didn't like it at all. I didn't like the aesthetic. I didn't like everything that he added to it and then the last hour just becomes this fast forward remake of the first one. What the fuck is all this shit? Eight months later, I watched it on video … and I really liked them once I got all the preconceptions out of my head. That kid [Daeg Faerch] is really good. I mean, what did I think Rob Zombie was going to do with it? Do I want him to do something else? I like his Sam Peckinpah aesthetic. So, now that I didn't have a bug up my ass about it, I was actually able to appreciate it. And again, it's that kid who got me into it, and Danielle Harris is fantastic. And then the second one is really great because it completely can now go on its own."

Man, how different would the horror landscape be if Tarantino put his stamp on arguably the most iconic slasher of them all? Boggles the mind doesn't it?

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