Halloween Kills Producer Responds to a Recurring Cameo Question

The Halloween films have a unique track record when it comes to extended continuity, reboots, and sequels, but one thing we shouldn't expect from the future of the franchise is any backtracking.

When the 2018 Halloween movie was announced, there were fans and even actors speaking out about what characters they'd hope to see in the new trilogy – but the David Gordon Green-led project already had a clear vision. The films avoided rehashing sequels and only acknowledged the first film's events, which ended up squashing the patterns we've seen for Laurie Strode's character over the years.

Halloween Kills Trailer Has Been Unleashed, Michael Returns Oct. 15th
Halloween Kills Poster. Credit Universal/Blumhouse

One of those storylines is the Jamie Lloyd character, who ends up being known as Laurie's daughter and Michael's niece. While Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers might have been one of my personal favorites of the franchise – ditching the various sequels and plot inconsistencies of the later chapters felt like the best scenario. For the most part, moviegoers had a similar sentiment, and the film earned the highest of the franchise during its box-office run and two confirmed sequels (Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends).

In a new interview with ComicBook and Halloween Kills producer Ryan Freimann, the recurring conversation about Danielle Harris as Jamie was discussed, and he tells the publication, "I think it's a fine line we walk and Danielle's great. She's been in what, four of the films? So it's like, she's been in [a lot of] Halloween films. It's up to David Gordon Green, his creative team when they were going through the casting process and the story process. It wasn't wanting to just shoehorn in all of these Easter eggs and nods. That's certainly there, but we get hammered anyway we go; too many Easter eggs and too many nods that are fan service, or not enough. So either way, we cut it; you're bound to not have someone pleased at you. I would love to find some way to bring back that character, the Jamie Lloyd character, in some way. It just didn't fit within the framework of the storyline."

Even though Jamie (and Harris) has a history of being another epic badass in horror, it was genuinely the right time to reform Laurie and Michael's dynamic. Would you agree?

Halloween Kills arrives in theaters and on Peacock starting October 15th.

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