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Halloween Kills 4K Blu-ray Hits Stores On January 11th
Halloween Kills will arrive on 4k Blu-ray on January 11th, and while we still do not have any confirmed features that will be on the disc, speculation is running wild What we do know is this: an extended cut of the film is set to be released on December 13th, according to an Amazon preorder[...]
Dune: Zendaya Will Be The Focal Point in Part 2 Plus 14 New HQ Images
Multiple films opened well, including Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Halloween Kills, No Time To Die, and Dune The only one to repeat as number one on consecutive weeks was Denis Villeneuve's film This is a sign that people are indeed returning to theaters, but the older crowd is still staying away Also: smaller titles[...]
Dune: Zendaya Will Be The Focal Point in Part 2 Plus 14 New HQ Images
Pictures release. Last week's champ Halloween Kills dropped 71%, netting $14.5 million, putting its total at $73.1 million Horror drop-offs are expected, as fans flock to theaters opening weekend, but Peacock also may have contributed to the massive drop this time This is still a success, as it only cost $20 million to make, but it[...]
Why Halloween Kills is a Worthwhile Middle Chapter of the Trilogy
Becoming one of the bloodiest installments of the Halloween franchise with the ability to maintain a sizable box-office turnout, Halloween Kills is something people either love or hate – and here's why I believe the film can be perceived as being a successful third chapter in this timeline (and second chapter of Green's plans.) It's Michael[...]
David Gordon Green on "Evolution" for Laurie in Halloween Ends
If you're one of the masses who has already seen Halloween Kills, you probably have some feelings about the ending – and where we might end up with the next film Halloween Ends. Luckily, the final film in writer/director David Gordon Green's Halloween trilogy is set to begin filming early next year, so Halloween will come[...]
Halloween Kills Sets Pandemic Record For Horror & R-Rated Opening
Halloween Kills did indeed stay true to the estimates and will open on top of the box office The 12th movie in the franchise scored $50.35 million, the best R-rated and best horror opening since the pandemic shutdown theaters in March 2020 While Peacock does not have the same subscriber count as a Netflix or[...]
Halloween Kills Featurette Talks The History Of Michael's Mask
Halloween Kills is now open in theaters and streaming on Peacock, and Michael is seemingly everywhere right now Every store I go into has Myers masks, which is always a welcome sight Universal released a featurette this morning on the history of said mask It is a cool little look at the iconic 1978 look[...]
Halloween Kills Exceeds Expectations With $50 Million+ Opening
Halloween Kills is managing to outperform all expectations at the box office this weekend, looking at opening just above $50 million That number is even more impressive when you factor in that it is also playing on Peacock While still way off the $78 million the 2018 film opened to, we are still in a[...]
Halloween Kills Blu-ray To Include An Extra Ending
Halloween Kills has barely been available to watch for 12 hours in theaters and on Peacock, and director David Gordon Green is already teasing that the Blu-ray of the film will have an extra ending I won't spoil what DOES happen at the end of the movie for you here, but you can bet we[...]
Halloween Kills Is Brutality In Both Purpose And Execution [Review]
Halloween Kills is not a film that is going to sneak up on anybody If the original 1978 film and subsequent sequels up until the 2018 film were more voyeuristic and atmospheric, David Gordon Green's trilogy is about animalistic rage and brutality, both in dealing with trauma and violent acts Michael Myers is the embodiment[...]
NECA's Ultimate Halloween Kills Michael Myers Is One Of Their Best
Halloween Kills showings start tonight, and part of the horror experience these days is getting the Ultimate figure from NECA They have released Michael Myers figures in the past, and one for Kills was to be expected One of the first things I thought of leaving the 2018 film was what NECA could do with[...]
Halloween Timelines- Which One Is Your Favorite?
I think there are five, personally.  We are in the midst of the fifth one, as Halloween Kills opens in theaters this Friday, which is a sequel to the 2018 film, which is a direct sequel to the 1978 original It seems so uncomplicated for those of us who love the franchise, but the other[...]
Halloween Ends Script Is Done, Waiting For John Carpenter Notes
Halloween Kills releases in a couple of days, but fans are already asking about what comes next We know that the finale of this trilogy of films that started in 2018 comes to a close next year with Halloween Ends, and director David Gordon Green recently had a chat with our friends at Bloody Disgusting,[...]
Chucky & Michael Myers Meet In Ad For Dool's New Series & His New Film
"What, you don't like it?" asks Chucky as we then go into a trailer for Halloween Kills, releasing in theaters Friday and streaming on Peacock It is hilarious, and a nice treat for slasher fans You can see the ad below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ly2LktjDiZYVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Chucky Meets Micheal Myers | 2021 |[...]
Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Her Favorite Halloween Kills Trailer
As Halloween Kills gears up for its theatrical revival, there has been a significant effort with Blumhouse's and Universal Picture's marketing push The initial return to Halloween in 2018 was met with overwhelmingly positive reception and became a box office hit for the franchise, solidifying the trilogy plans by director David Gordon Green. Halloween Kills was[...]