Harry Potter's David Thewlis Rumored For Wonder Woman's Ares


We've known for some time that David Thewlis has a role in Wonder Woman, and we've also known that Ares is the villain of the film. Perhaps because new information has surfaced, or perhaps just due to process of elimination, Thewlis is now rumored to play Ares in the film. The rumor comes from Batman news themed Batman news site Batman-News.com, who have stepped out of their comfort zone to report on a non-Batman movie. The site claims that "multiple sources" tell them Thewlis will play the Greek god of war. Thewlis will reportedly require heavy CGI to play the villain.

Thewlis is perhaps best known for playing Professor Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter films, one of Harry Potter's ill-fated guardians. Hopefully, Wonder Woman is able to realize that his greatest weakness is a full moon before his evil plans come to fruition.

Back in January, French publication Les Toiles Heroiques (translation: Stinky Cheese News) surrendered details on the role Ares will play in the film:

Why did Zeus create the Amazons? Because shaping man in his image made his son Ares, incidentally a god of war, mad with jealousy, he convinces the guys to confront each other. To restore harmony between them, Zeus created the Amazons that Ares reduced to slavery. The Amazons revolt with the help of Zeus, who will die of the hand of his son having had time to find Themyscira, their haven of peace where they will grow Diana. (…) Diana Prince becomes Wonder Woman by helping Steve Trevor and a squad of proud arm-in-law in search of one who wants to wipe humanity off the map with deadly gas.

It's unknown why Batman-News has branched out beyond Batman news to cover Wonder Woman news as well, but it's possible the site is looking for an exit strategy from Batman just like Ben Affleck.

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