Disney Officially Announces a Release Date for Toy Story 4

Fans of Pixar are currently very much focused on Incredibles 2 out this summer, but there is another movie on the horizon: Toy Story 4. Disney and Pixar decided that it was time to give us an official release date for the movie on social media.

Toy Story 4 has nabbed the prime real estate of June 21st, 2019, which really isn't that far away. We probably won't learn anything about the movie, at least above the rumors, until next year. The current rumors suggest that the movie is going to be about Woody and Bow-Peep's relationship and not a direct sequel to Toy Story 3.

The voice cast includes Tom Hanks, Laurie Metcalf, Annie Potts, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, Kristen Schaal, Bonnie Hunt and many more. It'll be directed by Josh Cooley, who has done some voice acting work for Pixar in the past, but this is his first feature film.

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