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Indiana Jones 5 is in Pre-Production, Set to Shoot in Spring 2021

The Disney Investor Day had so many announcements that we're still trying to make our way through all of them. Lucasfilm and Kathleen Kennedy came out and proceeded to make so many announcements that the writers at Bleeding Cool had no possible way of keeping up. We got all of the big releases out of the way yesterday, this morning; we're covering some of the smaller things you might have missed during that massive number of announcements. When Disney got Lucasfilm, they also got the Indiana Jones series, and when they got Harrison Ford to sign onto Star Wars: The Force Awakens, they also got him to sign onto Indiana Jones 5.

Indiana Jones 5 is in Pre-Production, Will Shoot in Spring 2021
Credit: Disney

However, the production for Indiana Jones has been a mess from pretty much day one. The movie has been delayed several times, and they even completely threw out the script at one point because no one could decide on what kind of movie they wanted to make. Back in February, Steven Spielberg walked away from directing the project, and as of May of this year, they were barely starting on the script. Apparently, there has been some movement since Kennedy confirmed that the movie is in pre-production with James Mangold attached to direct and Harrison Ford still set to return.

Indiana Jones 5 still has a release date of July 2022, and Kennedy said that Ford will help "conclude this iconic character's journey." The last we heard, the movie is set to start shooting in the spring of 2021, and if they are in pre-production now, that timeline would make sense. However, Kennedy didn't offer any other details about the movie or offer any other cast members that would be joining Ford on this new adventure. However, if production really is ready to start in the spring, then we should start hearing about other cast members starting sometime in early 2021.

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