Jim Ross on Hulk Hogan's WWE Return: "The Guy Paid His Price"

Now that the world is focused on driving powerful men out of their positions for sexual misconduct, is the door open for powerful men previously driven out of their positions for racist rants to return to the fold? According to WWE Hall-of-Famer Jim Ross, that may be the case.

Ross spoke with Business Insider promoting his new book, Slobberknocker: My Life in Wrestling, and he discussed the possibility of Hulk Hogan returning to WWE.


Ross said:

"The world has an interesting way of forgiving others. The guy paid his price. He had a trial. He lost jobs. He had a court case. I don't know what more he needs to do. And why are we his judge and jury? It seems right for, arguably the greatest alumnus of WWE ever with the most global name identity, will make his presence felt in WWE in some way."

Hogan was fired from WWE in 2016 after a tape of an obscenity and slur-laced racist tirade was leaked in the course of the Peter Thiel-funded lawsuit against Gawker over a secretly recorded video of Hogan having sex with the wife of Florida radio shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge as part of an arranged erotic cuckold scenario. Nevertheless, Ross says that if he were still in his position as head of talent development at WWE, he would bring Hogan back.

"If I were there, I would encourage that development," Ross said, noting that fans who didn't like it could tune out and saying he expects WWE to pull the trigger in the next year. "I don't know what Terry — Hulk Hogan is able to do physically. I know he's still training. He's about my age — 64, but he's in really good shape. He looks awesome. So, I would say that Hulk is — there's a ticket for Hulk to punch somewhere to get back in WWE, at least on a reoccurring role-type basis, in my opinion."

Hogan's return has been rumored for some time, and the latest speculation claims it could happen in January during Monday Night Raw's 25th anniversary episode.

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