Kevin Smith Thinks Batgirl Film Deserves More Than a Streaming Release

When it comes to DC superheroes, there's a lot of characters who are worthy of carrying a film on their own. Obviously, Batman is one character who has gotten that chance so many times that we're officially finding a way to address some as canon in the upcoming Flash film – so there's always love for the Bat-Family.

Though we haven't had a recent Bat-film outside of the loosely connected Gotham-based Birds of Prey film, in the past, there had been interest in creating a Batgirl movie with the one and only Barbara Gordon by Joss Whedon (which has obviously fallen through). Now more recently, it was stated that a Batgirl film was in the works for HBO Max, and as exciting as that is, it could be a mixed bag.

1-4-1 Batgirl
D.C. Comics' Batgirl, swooping in.

Kevin Smith, an influential comic book aficionado and filmmaker, has even expressed his own concerns about a Batgirl streaming release as opposed to theatrical potential. In a new episode of his podcast FatMan Beyond with Marc Bernardin, Smith stated, "Batgirl, handled correctly, has a chance – I feel like – to be a billion-dollar franchise, depending on who you cast. You're talking about one of the most iconic female superheroes from the DC universe[…]You say 'DC female superheroes,' yes, Wonder Woman checks the box right away; that's probably the first name you think of. [But] I think of Batgirl before I even think of Supergirl. The CW has done a wonderful job of building that character up into a franchise but, just comic books alone, I'd be like, 'Oh, Batgirl.'"

Commissioner Gordon's daughter turned crimefighter has had a tumultuous run in the comics before going from Oracle to being Batgirl once again, and it's a reminder that no matter what her title is, there's always a place for her in fans' hearts.

As a longtime Batgirl fanboy myself, it's definitely fair to assume that Warner Bros. is placing limitations on its potential box-office success – but I'll take what I can get!

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